Thursday, February 26, 2009

That Girl Moment #747: Back to the Drive-Thru.

So yesterday I am on my way to church, and I stop at Petersburg to get some dinner at Le McDahhhnolds. I order my meal, and proceed to the first window where I hand the cashier me debit card.

Let me stop right there and tell you that in the last two months I have had the worst time with my blessed debit card. And this time I ain't talking about lack of finances. I actually have a little money in the bank right now (miracles never cease, right friends?). My card expired on February 1st, and then I received a letter from my bank stating that my account was under fraud watch. Well, I was a little panicked at first, because wouldn't it be the cherry on top if That Girl got her identity stolen?

Stop right there, Bloggerotsky! Quit wishing that would happen just so you could read about yet another That Girl moment...That is just WRONG!

Anyway, I became less concerned about the fraud watch when I found out that many of my friends had received the same letter and I knew that there probably weren't any suspicious charges on my account.

{Well, minus that little Target fiasco...but really the only thing that was suspicious about that charge was my curious lack of self-control.}

Anyway, they sent me a new debit card fihhhhhnalllllly, and I was so happy because I could now get money out (they closed my bank branch in OC, so it is not like I could simply cash a check or anything. Ha! Who am I kidding. Have you been reading this blog at all? I can never do it the easy way. Or have a simple solution to my dilemmas. I am pretty sure that's because God wants you folks to have a good laugh most every day. It's fine with me.) again which was a massive relief!

So a week or so later, I happily hand over my debit card to the lady at the Golden Arches. Don't ask me why this happens so frequently in the McD Drive Thru. They see my Daewoo coming and probably sound an alarm by now.

She takes it and I continue singing to Bethany Dillon at the top of my lungs. Good. Not annoying the checkout girl at all I'm sure. Well, if she thought that was bad it was about to get worse.

You can start cringing now. Or maybe you already passed that point in the funeral blog. or this blog.

She hands me my card and tella me it has been

this is a tragic fate as I know that there is money in my account, but not in my wallet. I am like $2.50 short.

punishment for upsizing. I am saaahhhrrryy.

So I do what I have to do. Desperate times call for desperate measures!

I start counting out change. Then I start digging through my console (it's nasty dirty) to give her the money. It is mortifying. About that time I start griping to God. I just know there arre cars lined up behind me getting frustrated at me, but I am too embarrassed to look.

Now is the confession time: I actually have the audacity to say to God, "Wish just this once you'd put someone in line behind me!" At this point I am remembering the little IHOP trip and gettin' all up on my high horse, thinking about how much I wish God could send someone behind me to help a sister out.

It feels like an eternity as I painstakingly count out the money penny by penny (at this point I have exhausted all of my silver resources) when a familiar voice rang in my ears.

"How short are you?"

At first I don't look at the person who is now right beside my driver's side window. I am slow and don't connect the dots at first and am afraid it is some irate driver behind me ready to pull out her bazooka and blow me to kingdom come for standing between her and her McNuggets.

But the voice is so I take a chance and turn my head to The Voice.

It is my precious friend and co-worker, Candace.

God went before me and put her behind me in the Drive-Thru. Waaay before I started griping at him ungratefully. She gave me the extra money and I learned a lesson.

And I really enjoyed my Fish Sandwich courtesy of the grace of God, served on a blue plate conviction special. :D

If you see me in the Drive Thru, you'd better beware (and say a little prayer that I have story to share on my blog the next day.)


Leslie said...

What a great story! And good luck getting that debit card all worked out.

God bless Candace. Oh, wait! He already did!

Susie said...

You are a HOOT! Crack me up!! BTW...we got the same fraud letter from the bank.. and received the new funky yellow and blue cards in the mail. Also I spent many of my days in college diggy through my car for spare change and pennies...I think the Daewoo could have some sympathy conversations from the 1982 VW Rabbit..that served her time well for that girl..Susie circa 1990...ha ha.