Thursday, February 26, 2009

Responding with Purpose.

A situation reminded me today that we need to be careful to always represent the character of Christ in all of our dealings, including when we are frustrated.

Someone is always watching. Or in this case, listening. When we say things about other people that are not good or right or true (or may be true but need not be said), it doesn't necessarily harm our reputation as much as it harms the reputation of the One whose name we bear.

It's really easy to fly off the handle and use bad language or speak ill of someone, isn't it?
What would happen if the opposite (speaking well of others and being gentle in our speech) was always our first reaction? What if we learned to respond with purpose to every situation?

please, let's all keep in mind that we are ambassadors of Christ (Ephesians 5) and when people meet us, it would be great if they could meet Him.


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BeckyB. said...

so true.

daily i ask him to help me be gentle. i generally suck at that, but i'm told that through Christ ANYTHING is possible