Thursday, May 21, 2009

God and That Girl in Checkout Line.

So I went to the grocery today intent on buying some quality food. So I bought greens, some dairy, and lots of fruit and nuts.

I avoided my "trouble aisles" and pretty much anything that wasn't on the perimeter, like all the weight-loss gurus say to do.

And as I was pulling my cart into my friend Marion's check out line, I looked down at my cart, pleased with the plethora of color and health that would soon be filling my fridge and my body.

Then I heard God speak as clearly as I have heard him in months.

"It's all well and good to eat better foods. But if you really want to get healthy, we need to deal with this food addiction you have."

You see, food has been one of my "golden calves" or an idol that takes the place of where Jesus needs to be in my life. Sometimes if I am sad, or afraid, or upset, or missing my mom, or happy, or excited, or nervous, I head to the cupboard or the freezer for the comfort I need instead of opening my Bible, turning on some praise music, or talking to God.

Because of this, my lifestyle is unhealthy and my body, the Temple of the Most High God, scripture says, is not glorifying God. Granted, Jesus tells us it's not what goes in that makes us polluted but what comes out. However, eventually what we put into our minds, bodies, and spirits is going to come out into our lives.

When I did the No Other Gods study last semester with the OCU Women's Bible Study last year, God began showing me that I could no longer go at the pace I was going ministry-wise, pursue my passions, love my family well, and be a good wife and mom someday unless I chose to give up the idol of food in my life.

It's many moons later, and still, That Girl, That Girl two-by-four can barely fit into her pants anymore. Something's gotta give. (Providence girls are hoping it's not the button on my gauchos!)

This has very little to do with outward appearances and much more to do with the state of the heart. God wants a relationship with us no matter what size we are. And I'm convinced that those people I love don't really care what the scale reads as long as I am healthy and happy.

It has more to do with my relationship with Jesus and how I don't want anything, not even a freaking blessed bonbon, getting in the way of knowing Him and He knowing me.

So I am asking you to pray for me, Bloggerotsky. I need the power of Christ to overcome my addiction to food so that God is honored in every single part of who I am, not just the parts that are already surrendered. Right now I am working on developing some good habits, but mostly I will hopefully be using A LOT of prayer and reliance on Jesus. I expect an all-out war from the enemy, so a little battle would be a nice surprise. However, I have allowed the Enemy a stronghold in my life for many years now and it will take lots of work, trial, error, and forgiveness through God's grace to overcome.

I imagine it will also take a few more checkout line conversations between The Big Guy and That Girl.


Jessie, Dusty, and Koen said...

Wow, Lauren. You are truly an inspiration to women everywhere. How honest, brave, and amazing you are. You have put it all out there for everyone to see, and God will bless you for giving him the glory. You will be in my prayers:) If only we could all be so honest and open with ourselves and God.

Whitney Dyer said...

Girl, I have the same problem!!!! I know that I need to confine in Him, but I usually don't! And it doesn't help when a husband (who loves the fact that you called him hunk!) doesn't want to diet with me and eat bad things! Let me know how this goes for ya-maybe we can be accountablility partners!!!! Love!

Leslie said...

I am right there with you, girlfriend! I'll pray for you and me both! In His Name!

Amy S said...

ditto~ you go girl!!!
love ya ! Amy

Kim Williams said...

Thanks for sharing your hits to the heart of most of us. The Lord put a Godly woman, Stacey Kahre, in my life to make me accountable for my weight loss and keep the food from my lips in my weekest moments. We work out twice a week or's the best! I actually like to workout when I get to be with Stacey. Praying for you!!

beverlyj said...

What I pray for you is strength but I also pray that you will be able to realize that you will slip up sometimes and you will be able to forgive yourself and move forward will continued determination.

Andrea Fields said...

Thanks Lauren! I needed to hear that too! ;)

mama2K said...

Hey girl...I have always struggled with the same issue and God has spoke to me in the same ways. Praying for you...btw- the shred will totally kick your booty. After doing level 1 for 2 months it is still hard-- of course, I have some pretty jarred ab muscles still!

Linda Cumby said... don't know me...but THIS POST was something I needed today. Thanks for laying it all out there! I love your transparency! Linda

Lauren said...

Linda--Can I follow your blog please?


Honea Household said...

I do not struggle with weight and I exercise regularly, but I love food and turn to it a lot. Do you ready Lysa Terkeurst's blog? She is dealing with this same thing and I think you might gain some encouragement and insight from her. She's an awesome lady and a hilarious one, as well!