Thursday, May 21, 2009

Reality TV Blabbering.

Score one for the Underdog.

Aaah, I love Kris Allen's voice. There may or may not have been jumping up and down at church by B and myself when I got the text that he won. Adam Lambert has a heckuva lotta talent too so I am happy for both of them.

I always vote based on whose CD I would buy. Although Adam is talented, I have nothing on my iPod even remotely resembling Adam's musical stylings, except for a couple of classic Queen songs. So my pick was Kris. I am positive they will both do very well.

And Lisa is so, so right. How completely beautiful.

LOVE ME SOME AMERICAN IDOL, and now it's time for SYTYCD!

rejoice, all ye. Sing and dance and make merry...

Top three dances so far for the history of SYTYCD according to That Girl are

1. Bench dance by Travis and Heidi (which I have posted on this blog before...)
2. "Bleeding Love" by Chelsie and Mark
3. "No Air" by Katie and Josh

Can't wait to see what Napoleon and Tabitha come up with this season!

What currently popular songs do you want to see utilized this season?

for me, it's that new Jordin Sparks song "Battlefield" and Neyo's "Miss Independent"

so dang catchy!