Friday, September 26, 2008

Homegirl's Got A New Dress.

The time has come.

For me to don this. Not quite sure how to go about coiffing my hair with a dress such as this. It's so..

[Still praising Him for the inability to tell which bridesmaid has the most junk in her ever-loving trunk.]


big. and I don't know whether to minimize it by bringing the hair down a notch or to just seize the moment and start teasing for the pouf of the century.

But He is faithful. He will show me. (Cue Don Moen: "God will make a way...")\

Congratulations to Annie and Adam! I am honored to be a part of your special day.

What's the most lively bridesmaid gown you have ever worn?


beverlyj said...

My older sister made me wear a dress the exact color of a Georgia Peach. Lots of lace and silky luster material. My long hair plated down my back and big 80's hair in the bang area. Nothing about the above statements gave me pleasure. I grinned walked down that isle in my frilly white laced sox and Georgia Peach dress and stood up with my sissy and was glad to do it. At least the dress didn't itch.

I think you looked amazing that day and although I might be biased in the fact that I did your hair but the love in your eyes when you talked about how much joy it gave you to see your friend happy shone all around you. It is nice to be blessed by another person happiness. It rubbed off on me that day and it turned out by the end of the day I needed a little extra reserve of joy for the task of having to take Grace to the ER. Thanks for sharing a little of your love my way :)

chaffin said...

Thanks for the nice comment about the new photo on our blog. I am going to put a slide show of that day on my blog. We had a photographer come to our cabin and spend a few hours with us. It was of the best times I have ever had getting pictures taken.

Thanks for your prayers. Saturday we had the most beautiful celebration for Mitch and there was about 600 people that came. What a great man of God he was and still is. Thanks for the prayers for baby seth. I am waiting for a new update.