Monday, April 7, 2008

How many weddings have you been in, anyways?

Meet my new dress. In an hour or so, I will go to Evansville and purchase this dress. My friend Annie loves it so I will don it for her wedding in September.
Annie is marrying Adam and they are going to make Hell scared with their commitment to the Kingdom of God. So I am going to proudly wear this dress to celebrate their nuptials.
in honor of Charlton Heston: here is a [very rough] quote about his relationship with his wife of sixty-odd years from an appearance on ABC's The View: "The key is picking the right girl in the first place."
Adam, for what it's worth: you picked the right girl. Annie is a beautiful girl with a heart for Jesus.
in other news,
Daily I become closer to having Jane's closet in the film 27 Dresses (such a hilarious movie). But here's the thing: I'm totally okay with that. It means I am really blessed in having many, many friends to rely on and to share joys and burdens with...
If one falls down, his friend can help him up. But pity the man who falls and has no one to help him up! [Ecc.4:10]
praise God for all those dresses and all the incredible relationships they represent: both for my girlfriends and me, and their marriages that glorify Jesus! I love you Annbo.
On another positive note, the bride's sister and MOH (that's B-maid slang for Maid of Honor) and I decided (we have been friends since grade 1) that they are sooo incredibly purple and ruffly that no one will be able to tell which bridesmaid has the most junk in her trunk. yesssss.
Also quotable:
"I hate weddings. You are wearing purple. Do I have to come?"
"Not only do you have to come, but if you keep giving me a hard time I will make you wear a purple tie, too! And you will like it."


Christy said...

Oh my goodness!! LOL Aimee and I saw 27 Dresses and died laughing at the closet!! I bet she has you beat with the theme dresses though?? You will look beautiful!

Lauren said...

Totally. Praise God, I haven't been in any theme weddings.

that doesn't mean that I'm opposed to them (if any of my friends are planning to go all Scarlett O'Hara or Little Bo Peep on me...)

Christy said...

ROFL!!! I just had a visual of you (or anyone for that matter) in a little bo peep dress with your staff and hat and all... Oh my I am dying here... lol lol lol

Anna Osmon said...

I LOVE the quotes at the end. And I almost got a dress like this for prom lol.

beverlyj said...

I really like that dress. I bet it will look amazing on you. Requesting pictures :)

M J said...

I took each of my bridesmaids separately to the bridal store, pointed them to the colour I wanted and let them choose their own dress. THEY ALL CHOSE THE SAME DRESS! Even my matron of honour who was VERY pregnant. As in she went in to be induced 3 days after the wedding, pregnant! :)