Friday, September 26, 2008

The prayers of the righteous...

...avail much.

Let's lift up Kim and her church as they have lost their youth pastor. You can click on her link "Chaff Family" if you'd like. She also has a friend whose baby is struggling to survive. Don't know many details yet.

Also, please pray for the Patrick Delaney family, especially his girlfriend Tara and her children. They are struggling to understand a loving God while grieving. I get that. It's painful.

Please set aside 3 minutes to pray for these three situations before you go on to the next blog.

Andrew is doing well! Praise God for his faithfulness and thank you for your prayers.


Wagoners' World said...

Thanks for asking for prayer for Tara & her kids. They are going through a really difficult time, and I pray that God continues to give Tara the strength to get through each new day.
Also, I love your blog; it is so uplifting. I am so proud of you! You are a faithful servant of our Lord:)

Chaffin Family said...

thanks Lauren!!