Tuesday, June 3, 2008

As Promised...

Here it is: Her Majesty the Mystic Sacrifice.

That's what Nicole and Jami named her. [the dress, not me silly!]
I thought I would go out on a high note since next week I won't be blogging.

Whoa. Look out Modern Bridesmaid! Here comes That Girl!!

I call this one "Blue Steel."

Workin' it, of course. Maybe even at the Vincennes Rendezvous....

The grand finale!! Con Jazz Hands!


Christy said...

Work it girl!! I will keep you in my prayers on your trip. Have a blessed trip. I will miss your blogs!! FYI, my sis wants to do a purity sleepover at their church, I told them about ours!! You up for an allnighter again???

beverlyj said...

That is a dress now! The thing is that (now don't laugh) I like it. Seriously. Love the color. Love the ummm top part! :) The skirt would swallow me up because I am so short but somehow you pull it off! See you when you come back.
Love you girl!

Anonymous said...

If you would have wore this to the Rendezvous, you would have to play an "easy girl" because you are lik totally showing your elbows!