Friday, January 25, 2008

A Change Will Do You Good?

I know none of you may believe it, but there are many reasons I haven't blogged since AUGUST. I know, tears are streaming down your faces at my return to blog world. (sense the deep sarcasm.) But let me say this: some of my excuses are really good.

it's been a rough few months. My lovely mama(=best friend, spiritual mentor, confidante, style coach, and bed-tucker-inner--it's true, she tucked me in often even after it became socially unacceptable for her to, and boy, am I glad now...) passed away in November, and life has gotten really interesting. Whoever wrote that song "A Change Will Do You Good" (unsure of exact title...) apparently liked change more than me. The changes that have taken place are not all difficult ones, and some have even been the biggest blessings yet in my young life....more on that in another post so stay tuned.

All the changes in my life have repeatedly proven the faithfulness of the One who will never change. He holds my heart and I find His presence in my sorrow, even if He is frustratingly silent at times.

more change is coming...
"well, Miss Lauren, is it the kind that's good or the kind that's bad?" good blog reader asks.

Well, GBR, I'm glad you asked. Because I am at the point where I am wondering how we distinguish the two. The difficult ones seem to always produce the most spiritual fruit although I like happy changes the best, which may speak to a lack of spiritual maturity. You know what? At least I am honest. If anyone said that they actually ENJOYED every change, stellar or difficult, I wouldn't believe them. But This girl's heart tells her the most painful changes are making her [painfully] stronger, and that she's okay with for sure. There are no black and white lines for defining change as good or bad.

Changes are challenging, but they are also always revelations of God's faithfulness if we allow them to be.

and that's NEVER a bad thing.