Saturday, January 26, 2008

Friday Five: Fruity Edition.

I have decided to do a Friday feature where I will pick something and make a list about it. In honor of the teaching series on Fruit of the Spirit the girls and I just wrapped up (I know they have to be glad not to discuss the "tug o' war" and 2+2+1 analogies) I decided to list my top five fruits.

5. Cherries. Hello, such an analogy for life as well as being a tasty treat. Jazzy flavor+ the occasional pit=life. ( I know that analogy sucked.)

4. Blueberries. love anything blueberry flavor and that sweet scene in Willy Wonka--"Violet, you're turning violet, Violet!!"

3. Tomato. Good Blog Reader says, "Laur, that doesn't count!!" But I say, "What's Tom-Ah-To with you?! It IS a fruit, you know.

2. Apple. Thank Jami for this one. She taught me to love and respect the apple, especially the FUJI apples in particular. Plus, eating one is like brushing your teeth, or so they say. Could just be a ply by the conspiracy of apple farmers everywhere.

1. Banana. "Quite possibly the world's most perfect fruit." Plus, what other fruit can you cover in peanut butter and still feel good about eating? The banana is a delightful snack that also keeps me from writhing in pain from a two-in-the-morning Charley Horse. I hate Charley, and Ba-Nay-Nay's potassium kills those cramps. Looo-ve it!

Honorable Mention: orange, kiwi, and strawberry*

*only counts if covered in chocolate.

Have a delightful weekend.