Monday, August 20, 2007

CNN + Religion (?)

Raise your hand if you are excited about watching the CNN special "God's Warriors" featuring the research of the famed journalist Christiane Amanpour. Mine's up!

CNN has been advertising this special regularly, and my curiosity has definitely been piqued. The first part of the special, which focuses on Judaism, Christianity, and Islam (that's it as far as I know...) will air tomorrow night, and Amanpour will be on Larry King Live tonight to talk about her research and the special as a whole. I am very interested to see how Christians, Jews, and Muslims are portrayed by a journalist I greatly respect. It's worth watching.

Sorry for my lack of blog ethic the past few days, but my reasons are legit, I promise. We have been preparing for everyone to move into the dorm (and with girls you can imagine what that's like...) and serving them in any way we can. I can already see God moving and my staff is passionate about creating an environment that the young women feel comfortable in. It's exciting to see them hang out in the lobby (today it was to watch High School Musical 2, they are also passionate about that for sure! hee hee) and want to build relational channels that will hopefully encourage them and spur them "on toward love and good deeds." (see Hebrews for details.)

Tune in tomorrow for Eve Ensler in Glamour...Lauren's impressed with a fashion mag?? Yes, it's true. You'll have to read to believe.