Monday, October 19, 2009

Wedding Website.

colors: pink and black

The bridesmaids are picking their own black know why!

My dress has been purchased and is now in a secure location. Oh, you would love to see a pic? Well, good things come to those who wait. Only a mere 131 more days until the world gets a look! It's pretty righteous if I do say so myself.

I am currently trying to talk Seth into building a chuppah to represent God's covenant love over us. I would say a few more winks and smiles and I should have it in the bag.

Any wedding questions I forgot to answer? Ask away in the comments!

Love you all!!


Christy said...

You will make a BEAUTIFUL bride!! Love Ya!!

Brooke said...

what??!? No grimace? haha

Meghan said...

giiiirrrrlllll!! my girls are wearing their own black dresses too...our similiar ideas confirm again we were destined to be friends! and maybe you could give your out of town friend a sneak peak at that beautiful dress of yours sometime...I promise not to show Seth :) Hope you have a wonderful week LB. I miss talking to you. Much love your way!

Rosi said...

My good friend's daughter was married under a chuppah. It was very cool.

Any Magnet feedback yet?

Susie said...

OK Lauren so you always are educating me! When I read the chuppah...I was like what?? that like the chalupa...I know she is a crazy gal but chalupa's are for I went and looked it up and so NOW I know what a Chuppah is and I think it is a GRAND idea and had I known what a chuppah was 15 years ago I would have definitely incorporated that into our wedding! I May have to keep that for future reference in 20 years when Megan will be 30 and I will be OK with her getting married. LOL! Now if I see you write you are having chalupas at the reception I'm not sure chalupa's are in the Bible but I'm sure God would be OK with it too! LOL!! Blessings be upon your wedding planning!!