Thursday, October 15, 2009

That Girl Moment #997: Interviewer Skillz

SO last week I was honored to be asked to do interviews with students for a campus event. There were three of us judging the interviews, but throughout the week we had some situations arise that I needed to deal with and one of the other judges was fighting off illness, so it was a crazy time trying to participate in the interviews.

We had a script we followed where certain judges asked certain questions so we didn't just look at each other and wait for someone to come up with a question. My questions were, "What's a book you've read recently that has challenged and /or shaped your perceptions and caused you to have a more open mind?" and "What is your favorite memory at OCU?"

I came up with those myself. I think they were classy.

anyway, during our last interview of the week, I was exhausted. The situations had worn me out and coupled with the wedding planning, my brain was totally fried, and I may or may not have been spaced out worse than an Elton John/Buzz Aldrin duet of "Rocketman." Honestly, I was distracted for a few key moments during the interview as I remembered a long list of things I had to do and things I had not done yet and come to find out they were the same list. It was high stress and I needed a caramel macchiato like Rocky needed Adrian.

We had gone around the circle and I had asked both my questions. When everyone looked at each other to say whether or not they had acquired enough information from the candidate to score the person's interview, I realized, no one asked the interviewee where she saw herself in five years as was our custom.

So I asked her.

This is where you can cringe.

You see, in my "Rocketman" space cadet to-do list stupor, I had missed the portion where the other judge had already asked her that very question.

dang it. dangitdangitdangit.

The poor interviewee looked up at me, confused. "Uhhhh, she already asked me that."

It's at these moments that the earth could just open up and swallow me whole much to my great delight.

and yet.

I apologized to her and did thank God that it was our last interview. The one question I spaced out on. That'll teach me to be more alert next time. My colleagues were sweet about it as well as the interviewee, bless them.

But they were probably wishing for me to stop orbiting the earth and actually come join them next time!


Chelsa said...

so something that would happen to me!! :)

glad they were nice about it at least!

Lauren said...

awwwww -- I cringed a little bit with you as I read this! That's okay ... it sounds like something I would have done too! :) You're not alone sister! Besides, when you're engaged to the man of your dreams you just can't be expected to have both feet solidly planted on earth... duh! :P