Thursday, June 18, 2009

That Girl's Bookshelf: Eyes Wide Open

So Jud Wilhite, pastor of Central Christian Church in Vegas, wrote an amazing book recently.

It's not on my bookshelf, per se. It got to go with me to St. Louis because the past week it has been such an encouragement to my relationship with God.

It's called Eyes Wide Open, and I want you to read it.


Jud has a thesis that I shared with you earlier this week about our view of God and ourselves, and how twisted up it really is.

It's easy to formulate a picture of God in our brains that is nothing like the God we see in Scripture. We can't get our minds around His goodness, so we develop God into someone who smites us at every corner and forces us to live on a scale where, hopefully, at the end of our lives, the good will outweigh the bad and we'll get into Heaven. If not, it triggers a celestial trapdoor. Uh-oh.

Wilhite argues from the position of God's Word that this identity we created for God isn't who He has proven Himself to be. In fact, it's the complete opposite. God is FOR us, he writes, and this knowledge has the potential to change our lives.

Jesus told us that the truth has the power to set us free. When we start learning the truth about who God is, we walk in truth about who we are in Him. That's why Wilhite wrote "Eyes Wide Open" and the reason he pastors in a place like Vegas.

If God is for us and His character stays the same, then I bet if Jesus were walking around right now, it would be in Vegas too.

I love a good story. The author does too, and he shares the stories of lots of people he has met in his ministry. People like Dog the Bounty Hunter and Paul Teutul from American Chopper, as well as people who have been forgotten by the world and who have been set free by the power of Jesus.

Wilhite separates the book into four parts:

Wide Open to God

Wide Open to Identity

Wide Open to Change

Wide Open to Influence

You see, when we start viewing the God of scripture for who He really is, we forget the "scales of justice" mentality and remember the message of the cross and the resurrection: Jesus has come to bring us life, and it doesn't matter who we are or where we've been. Anyone who chooses to live with eyes open wide to the truth of the Gospel can be free.

Free from the bondage of past mistakes
Free from the concern of public opinion
Free to love others unconditionally
Free to do big things for God
Free to live with expectancy

As the battle for our minds and heart wages, I pray that you will read it, you'll give this book to someone who is struggling. It deals very well with the topic of suffering and why a good God allows it. It also answers questions about just how far grace extends: "Could God really forgive me for ______?" People you know are bound by lies about who they are and who God is. If you're like me, you've been looking for resources to help them know truth.

I loved this book, but I think our male counterparts (and the two guys who read this blog) might relate to it as well...maybe even more! So I want you to buy it as that last-minute Father's Day gift. Because Bloggerotsky, let's face it. Some of you have yet to get Dad a sweet token of love for all of his sacrifices. What better gift to get him than something that will bless his heart and mind in Christ Jesus?

Now, please do run along and pick up a copy, or order it in your comfy pants from home right HERE. While you're at it, get an extra and let Daddy dear know he's still number one and girls, they wanna have fu-un. Oh, girls just wanna have fun! When the working day is done-


I know that you desperately want truth in your innermost parts just as I do. Jud Wilhite wants to help, and I think this book is anointed. ENJOY!

By the way, just for the sake of truth, I am typing this in my comfy pants.


Paige said...

Will add that too my loonnnggg list of books I have come across blogging that I want to read! Thanks for sharing.

Nichola said...

I have just ordered my copy!!!

jen said...

Hey there Lauren! Thanks for the suggestion...I just ordered it :) I'm always looking for new additions to my book list....but I think my all time facorite book (outside of the Bible - of course!) an oldie but goodie...Dangerous Wonder: the adventure of Childlike Faith by Michael Yaconelli! blessings!

Chelsa said...

thanks for the suggestion- i'm always looking for a good book to read!!

p.s. comfy pants are my fave :)