Friday, June 19, 2009


Hey my precious little Bloggerotsky. I thought I would give you a little Friday night potpourri, a smattering of happenings and such, if you will.

1. If you are a feedblitz subscriber, and you receive my blog directly into your email, will you kindly email me at pretty pretty please? Turns out, it was just a "free trial" so before purchasing the feature I want to see if you can subscribe to my feed instead, or if I can just start emailing you each blog post myself. Thank you kindly.

2. We are living life to the hilt here in St. Loueeeeeee. Let me tell you how indebted we are to your recommendations! I am going to try to post pictures for you even though I think they should just post themselves pretty much. :D

3. I got here to the hotel, which come to find out is in the middle of St. Louis' own little Italy, The Hill (!!!), and as I went to shower, I squirted the new Frizz Ease shampoo into my hand and was so excited to use it. Then I squirted the Frizz Ease condish into my hand---oh wait, that doesn't look like condish at ALL...oh no, ya gotta be KIDDING ME! I did NOT accidentally buy two shampoos!

I guess they will go with the two huge pump bottles of condish I accidentally bought at Christmastime. I am not even halfway through the first one. Sigh.

More to come! Don't forget to email me!

Love from St. Louis.


Lauren said...

hahaha - that is so hilarious about the 2 shampoos! I had a similar experience this morning... I had finished shampooing my hair, and then I went to skirt the conditioner into my hair ... and I accidentally shampooed my hair again! *** sigh***

Kathryn @ Expectant Hearts said...

Two shampoos.. is that a "THAT girl" hair moment? (Not to be outdone by the hat moment of course!). I'm glad you're having a good time!!

Paige said...

I have purchased two shampoos before! So frustrating. Hope you continue to have a good time in St. Louis!


Amy S said...

haha your funny!! Wanna hear all about it... Amy

PS Sorry I missed you the other night--my cell was in my van==I really hated that I missed ya! SORRY hope you got tickets!!