Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Meet Me In St. Louis!

First of all, let me say that you, my delightful and marvelous Bloggerotsky, NEVER let me down.

Your prayers for our sister who wishes to remain anonymous blew my mind and as I approved each comment, I was mindful of the fact that we each come from different places, situations, and walks of life, but the thing uniting us is our belief in the power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to save, heal, deliver, and give victory.

I am thankful for each of you who have been praying sweet ms. anonymous, whether you left a comment or not. I ask you to remember some friends of mine who are at the doctor today and my friend Chelsa, who is taping her testimony to share--what a bold step of faith!

Of course, I love you more than Silly String and Cyndi Lauper.


Tomorrow I leave with my precious friend Krystal to have a weekend of fun in St. Louis! I am so excited I could practically pee myself! We are going because she is graduating with her bachelor's in nursing. She deserves major props for many reasons.

When my mom was in the hospital on and off the last month of her life, Krystal was a nurse at a new hospital about an hour and a half away. She worked 12-hour shifts at the Monroe hospital and then got in her car. She passed up her house (it would have been so easy for her to go home and crawl in bed) and showed up in my mom's room with a large pizza, some shampoo, and the ability to turn off those annoying machines. She did this several times in October 2007. I am so blessed to have such self-sacrificing friends and I don't take it lightly that many people, including Krystal, gave up their lives for us. How beautiful is the Body of Christ?!

Krystal loves all things Meatloaf and 80s. She has bright red hair and drives a silver VW Bug, which Seth assures me is super safe for our travels. She has a delightfully if slightly warped sense of humor and has a bigger movie collection than most blockbusters. She has a huge heart for missions and adoption, and we have been friends since the first grade.

Since we are heading out to St. Louis tomorrow, I was hoping some of you midwestern Bloggerotskys could offer some assistance regarding things we SHOULD NOT MISS. We already have plans to go to the Arch and some other historical sights, but we are looking for good hole-in-the-wall restaurants and attractions. I am hoping to go see the Cards play the Tigers on Thursday and see the new stadium up close, but am halfway afraid it will be sold out or something or all the cheap seats will fill up too fast, so we'll just have to see about that. I am cautiously optimistic!

Let me know if you have suggestions! Pray for our safe travels--I am hoping to update once or twice from Missouri so you can join in the fun on our V-A-C-A-T-I-O-N!


Keyly Watts said...

Lauren ~ Tony & I went to St. Louis last summer and ate at a Spagetti resturant down by the arch that was really good (something with "Spagetti" in the name of the resturant). I can't remember the name but it's no more than 2 blocks from the arch.
Have a great vacation!!!!

Tina said...

You are coming to my state and the city I work in (I live south of St. Louis though)!

Must sees...

Our Zoo is amazing and free. Parking is a killer - but if you park by the art museum (which is also great) you can just walk and not pay parking.

Grants Farm

Restaurants...(In no particular order)
Lemp Mansion Restaurant & Inn
Fritz' Restaurant
Rigazzi's Restaurant**
Zia's Restaurant (On the Hill)**
Old Spaghetti Factory**
Bailey's Chocolate Bar**

Have fun! Can't wait to read about your trip!

Tina said...

Keyley is talking about the Old Spaghetti Factory!!! :)

JustJess said...

I live in Missouri and my hubby is from STL so we head there a decent amount. The city museum is pretty cool and open late. There's tons of things to climb on and interact with. Also, the STL zoo is completely free and has great exhibits. Don't miss the penguins--it is an open exhibit and they splash and show off a lot. The Hill is a great Italian area that has authentic Italian food. I will check in with my husband and see if there's anything I am missing. Enjoy!

Lauren said...

the obvious is... go see the arch! I went a couple years ago but chickened out when it came time to take the "elevator" to the top! oh well... Have a blast and rent "meet me in st louis" with Judy Garland - one of the best movies EVER!! :) Love ya!!

Susie said...

Must agree with the Spaghetti Factory, um DELICIOUS BREAD!! St. Louis is the best city that offers lots of "Freebies"! Union Station was also a neat place, they used to have a place that made Fudge on an open marble counter top and the fellows would sing or do a little jig while making the fudge and give free samples!...not sure if that is still there or not?? I'm sure you would enjoy the Children's Museum you have quite a youthful heart still and they had IMAX theater there. The museum is free too I believe. Grant's Farm is Free...just beware of the goats...I'm still traumatized from a goat eating my braids when I was 4! But the rest of the animals are not aggressive and it's a beautiful walk through the park. And St. Louis Zoo is free also have one of the oldest restored carousels there, which cost a couple of bucks a few years ago to ride but it is REALLY pretty! I think they also had polar bears there that were pretty...the penguins are neat too..Megan got splashed by one zooming into the water...although must say it is a little stinky in there from their waste products..just hold your breath! ha ha...HAVE A SUPER GIRLFRIEND GET AWAY!! Congratulations to your friend on her degree!

Amy S said...

Call us for tickets-- Jason has season ones- weekend only but...has connections and said he can possiby help yet tonite!! CALL us we will be up late--

must see

PUJOLS Restaurant is AWESOME

ST LOUIS MILLS MALL- awesome shopping -lots to do

UNION STATION - is good- outside and in.. MAKE sure you goto the FUDGE FACTORY at US it is soo fun an you would love it...they would pick on you!! :)

ARCH- heard its nice-Ill take Jasons word for it!

THE TRAM is neat.

LECLEDES LANDING - there is probably some hole in wall restaurants there-I know there are bars there but may have some restaurants too.

CITY MUSEUM- is cool- where comfy cloths-nothing to nice--no skirts ha -lots of climbing--sliding etc. VERY NEAT!!

OH and OF COURSE the STADIUM is AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME--- goto (behind homeplate - 1st level) CUSTOMER RELATIONS and there is A Designated Driver Program--sign your name up BEFORE 1st pitch and get a FREE SODA. save you some $ :)

Jason said goto STUB HUB and buy tickets and PRINT THEM RIGHT OFF--that is where he sells his we dont use.... ANY ??S call!!!


BE SAFE!! Love ya AMY

Sarah said...

Ok, Cathedral Basilica St. Louis is a must see. The entire ceiling is covered in tiny mosaic tiles and it's breathtaking. The Hill is a great food stop - the area is where Italians settled when they came to the area and they have a great little grocery store (Vivianos) with amazing and cheap pastas, sauces, etc. and Ahmeghetti's is a wonderful sandwich shop. The City Museum is amazing if you're looking for something active, just make sure you wear comfy clothes. Union Station is an old train station that has been turned into a shopping center... oh, I could go on and on. The Botanical Gardens, The Zoo, The Art Museum... Let me know if you have any questions and have an amazing time!

Chelsa said...

thank you for your sweet words! it went fine! :)