Monday, January 28, 2008

Job Fair Distress.

So Natalie and I went to an Evansville job fair called "CareerFest."

The name is deceptive. It was not a festive experience for me personally. Basically, different companies look to hire people and schools look to offer master's degrees. Organizations like the local hospitals, car dealerships, banks, and home health care organizations set up booths and people walk around and network, give their resumes out, and talk with the HR people of these places to see about a job.

One walk around the room eliminated the small glimmer of hope in my heart to find the perfect employment. But I went ahead and approached a booth in order to find out more about hospital chaplaincy.
I got shot down like a 12-point on the first day of hunting season. I knew from there on out it wasn't gonna be pretty. I was so right. You know, on my first tour of the room, I thought it was odd that G.D. Ritzy's (a fast-food establishment) had a booth. Even more awkward were their four employees who were recruiting standing and waiting on people to come approach them. I had to laugh to myself knowing that everyone in that room wanted to straight-up AVOID a job like that. By the second time around the room, Ritzy's was looking like gainful employment.

Maybe I will find something someday.