Sunday, April 25, 2010

Yet Another Moment

Checking in with all of you for a little story time...

I would reckon that all of you know a pastor's wife. Perhaps she is quiet, reserved, and gentle-spirited. Perhaps she loves Point of Grace and Betty Robison. She always has everyone over for Sunday dinner and it never burns despite the fact her husband preaches thirty minutes longer than normal. She might like to dance only when no one is around and she plays a killer piano piece or two.

I am not That Pastor's Wife.

Sometimes I wish I was. My life would be a lot simpler if I was sometimes. But as you all have learned by now, I am not. As hard as I may try sometimes, I will probably never be known as a quiet and gentle spirit, as a great cook, or as a fantastic piano player.

But Alas, I am That Girl.

Today's worship experience was another reminder of that. You see, every week we rotate who is in charge of leading musical worship and that person is in charge of introducing songs, welcoming people, announcing transititions in the service-such as introducing the offering time and having everyone be seated before Seth preaches, and today I was the worship leader. It had been an eventful Sunday morning even before I showed up, as our sound system wigged out during our first service and Seth found himself crawling in a cubbie to get it back on--wherein his allergies flared up and I heard he sneezed his way through the message as he got what I playfully call "Allergy Face."

You who suffer with allergies and those that love you know of what I speak.

Anywho, Seth didn't feel good. But everyone was excited as we had four baptisms to do during second service, and there was celebration in the air. So we sang a few songs, but the normal order of worship was changed because of the baptisms at the beginnning.

Who knew that this would throw a Type B like me off my game?

Shoulda known. Shoulda known.

We normally sing three songs at the beginning and then after scripture reading and offering we do two more. I forgot that things were upside down and as soon as we ended with a beautiful acapella last-time-through chorus of "Mighty to Save," I asked everyone to please be seated and invited the children to head through this door to the right, ages 3 through the 2nd grade. I smiled and as everyone was seated, I got up to walk off the platform, Seth shook his head and said, "We have one more! One More!"

You ever wish the altar would open and swallow you whole?

As if I should be so lucky. Instead, I shook my head and said my classic line: "Just Kidding!"

Unfortunately, the damage was already done. It was like PT Barnum introduced the next act. The kids had no idea what to do and the adults were laughingso hard they couldn't sing. Except for the visitors, who had that look of confusion mixed with awkwardness.


It's a good thing this next song just happened to be "Your Grace is Enough." As I stood there tryingg to laugh it off, my heart was embarrassed and all I wanted to do was go sit down in the pew.

You have felt that way at some time too, I'm sure.

But this part of the verse changed my mind:

You use the weak to lead the strong

Maybe that's why I am the pastor's wife. Not because I am a great piano player, or a quiet and gentle spirit, but because He uses the weak to lead the strong. If that's the case, I am willing.

But you won't find me sitting on the piano bench. As you might have guessed, I don't have a lot of coordination.


Chelsa said...

i am so glad you blogged! they always make my day!

Jamie said...

YAY! I was so excited to see a post in my reader. I've missed you!! Your stories are the best :)

sharalyns said...

Ok, I'm so thankful that you posted this! I am a new pastor's wife as of 10 months ago (we've been married for 12 years next month). I can *so* relate! Ours is a church plant, so we're not big enough for two services, and I don't lead worship ever, but Oh, I can relate. ((hugs)) I needed that line. :-)

Josh and Kristi said...

Glad married life hasn't changed you too much!

Shelly said...

It takes a special lady to be a Pastor's wife...You made a normal oops. No big deal :)

Courtney, Jeff, Ayla & Leah said...

I loved your comment. I thought it was too funny not to post that sweatpants was the most important subject to air that am. Please. And I must agree, my hubs digs my sweats too. You know why? Because he loves me and he knows I love my sweatpants (and him too). Can't wait to meet your hubby too!

llandtmom said...

Wow, it was soooooo fun to read another post. I have sooooooo missed you.

God is not in the market for perfect people so you are his perfect daughter.

Thanks for the joy you bring!!

kate g said...

I am certain that there were several times I said the exact same words from the pulpit because I had said the wrong thing. Just kidding was frequently heard from me from college and up to now... 15 years later. :)
I think the people in the congregation enjoyed the laughter and you know what, laughter is joyous and that sunday will be remembered. Enjoy the moments that don't go right, it's fun and awkward but joy can be found in all :)
Congrats on the marriage!

Lori said...

Lauren - First time visiting your blog and I love it! I have always enjoyed the atmosphere you bring to the Walks. I don't think we have ever had the privilage to actually speak LOL, however, I have noticed the sparkle of God's Love in your eyes as you speak to others. I know my mom, Beth, and my sister, Tina, adore you! Please, next time we see each other at the Walk, or wherever, poke me - or I shall you - I think you have an amazing spirit about you and I would love to encounter some of that! God Bless You!
Lori (Arvin) Weaver