Thursday, August 20, 2009

Guest Blog: Andrea J.

Welp, my little Bloggerotskys, I have a real BIG TREAT for you today. My dear IRL friend Andrea has written a blog that went on the verge of making me pee my pants. Gosh I love her. I hope you do, too! Visit her at Finding Myself at Forty...


I LOVE me some That Girl! Don’t we all secretly take some kind of sick pleasure in reading about the crazy hi-jinks that tend to ensue wherever she goes? Don’t we all long for more That Girl moments so we can read the crazy posts that invariably follow and laugh till our sides ache and our jaws are locked… I’m comin’ out of the closet here stalkers…. I live for it!

I recently had a That Girl moment of sorts. My Emmaus reunion group, affectionately known as the Ya Ya’s, was gearing up for our annual trip to Women of Faith. Since my husband and I own a shirt business, I thought it would be Super Cool to make said Ya Ya’s matching tees for the event. Awesome idea, right?! So I work for several days tweaking just the right design, and praying over and pouring over verses to find JUST the right one to reflect the importance of our meeting together.

I head off to WOF with the shirts ever so carefully wrapped, each with a special little card for my dear sisters, feeling pretty darn proud of myself I must say. I also made a shirt for That Girl, who has always been an honorary member of the Ya Ya’s. My plan… to present it to her at a surprise birthday party we were giving her at our hotel.
It was gonna be awesome!

So we are just partyin’ away, the room is packed, and it comes time for presents. I hand Lauren her gift and wait with great anticipation for the ooohhhing and ahhhhing and squealing that she tends to do when opening gifts, cause we all know That Girl loves her presents. Trust me folks… She did not disappoint.

So she opens her shirt, right… obviously thrilled with having her very own first edition official Ya Ya Tee…. But THEN… she sees the verse, grabs a Bible (which just happens to be right beside her), and begins to look it up.

Here is where it gets awkward… I am quoting That Girl as she reads the verse printed on the shirt…."It is a terrible thing to fall into the hands of the living God….Hmmm… Oh my… that’s nice...”

My mind begins to race… wait… that is NOT the right verse…

“Yes it is,” she giggles as she checks the verse against the shirt.

She continues to read a verse that could not possibly be more inappropriate for the purpose in which I intended. Obviously, the Finding Myself at Forty girl needs to be Finding Herself a new eye doctor… What was supposed to read Hebrews 10:21-25 became Hebrews 10:31-35. And man… I felt like I was channeling Alanis Morrisette….

Think of it folks… my very first That Girl Moment….pointed out by none other than That Girl herself. Isn’t it ironic…. Don’t ya think?
Love you Laur!!!


Christy said...

you forgot a couple things... like how you sent the design to a friend to look at and even she didn't catch it EVEN when you had the "real" verse typed out in the email. Then the part about how we all had to cover the verse with our arms when we wore the shirts! lol BUT so many people commented on them at WOF! Love ya girl =)

Andrea Fields said...

I love the first edition shirts, wrong verse and all! Oh and thanks for getting the song stuck in my's like rain on your wedding day...

Christy is right EVERYONE was checking out the shirts! ;)