Thursday, August 20, 2009

A Confession.

When I was a little girl growing up in the church, I tried to figure out God's Word.

Meaning, I thought there was one word that God wanted us to know. I kept saying, "Mommy, what is God's Word?"

She would reply, "It's in the Bible, honey."

Bless her heart. I misunderstood her and turned it upside down trying to find the illuminated word in the Bible that was God's Word. The Word that everybody kept talking about in Sunday School and church. I never asked in SS because I was ashamed that I didn't already know it.
Hello, I liked knowing all the answers and all and may I just say some things never change.

One time I asked her yet again upon my disappointment in not finding that Holy highlighted WORD of God, and she said it differently this time.

"It's the Bible, honey."

I remember walking away thinking, "Oh man! I liked the idea of just learning one word as opposed to so many more words. One word was very appealing compared to that big dusty book that held the full counsel of God.

If I am transparent, I still feel that way some days. Especially when I don't feel like obeying all those words.

Did you ever have a misunderstanding because of churchy lingo? How does it reflect the rest of your story as a believer?


Allison said...

What a great post! I grew up in church. I believed in God and Jesus. But, the church that I grew up in did not teach about sin. Therefore, I never really understood why I needed Jesus. Until that is I fell flat on my face on my knees. My life has not been the same since:)