Tuesday, July 7, 2009

I'd like to thank LC and the Academy....

Miss Lauren at Walking by Faith is a real good friend of mine.

(In fact, we are doing an online email study of Jennifer Rothschild's "Me, Myself, & Lies with our cutie patootie Blog friend Meghan. I am also doing this same study with my small group at church.)

I feel like we are BFF already despite the fact that I haven't yet met her in real life. details, details.

Anywhoo, she nominated me for this blog award.

I, like LC (I started calling her that after too many episodes of The Hills to end the confusion between That Girl and This Girl) don't quite know what this award means except that I probably give you a little too much information from time to time...ack. Sorry about that.

but not sorry enough to quit being honest.

Anyway, now I am supposed to tell you 10 things that you will probably wish you didn't know.

Here goes:

1. I am very self-conscious about my hands. I bite my fingernails -like, down to the "quick." Whatever the "quick" is. Both my hands have scars from where I burned myself on the oven two separate times. WHAT ARE THE ODDS, people?
Therefore, I think I have made my God created hands into some slightly ugly man-hands.

2. I failed at Twitter. Maybe because (gasp) right now I don't like it one little tiny bit. I tend to think that people don't find me near as interesting as I think they do. I'm sorry if you are following me on Twitter. That may be the decision leading to the boringest thing in your life since Antiques Roadshow.

3. I will waste my whole day watching "America's Next Top Model" rerun marathon if I am not careful. Especially on Sunday afternoons.
Don't judge. I know some of you do it, too!!

4. Sometimes I struggle with the concept of grace. I forget that everything I do for God should be a response to His love, not an effort to earn what I have already been given: righteousness and love through Christ Jesus.

5. I have never learned how to ride a bike. I didn't like skinning up my knees and didn't want to taint my future as a MODEL/actress/singer/Mary Hart. You see how that went. Now I am a housing director who could never be a MODEL/actress/singer because she cannot ride a bike. Ah, the irony.

6. I hate hate hate making facebook photo albums. It is time-consuming and annoying. I would probably pay someone to do it for me if I could afford it. Boy that sure sounds lazy.

7. Occasionally if I feel like my life is going crazy, I will call my hairstylist Bev and have her cut off some of my hair. It's cheaper than therapy and more fun than exercise.

8. One time I double-dog-dared my friend A to put up profiles on E-Harmony for kicks and giggles. This was one of the most hilarious nights of my life. I quit checking it so there may still be some kind of thing up about me but I got freaked out when one guy wanted to contact me. I'm sure he was harmless, but Jami's motherly refrain of: "The root word in E-Harmony is HARM" didn't boost my confidence about the whole situation. Plus, I was too cheap to buy a membership. More to come on this story ...

9. I am not good at calling people back most of the time. I used to HATE texting with the passion of a thousand burning suns.
Then I fell in love with a man who hates talking on the phone. Then I became a texter. Then I got a Blackberry and with it, a full keyboard. Now, here I am. My name is Lauren and I am a text messaging addict. I tried to figure out how many I send each month, but since I have unlimited, they don't keep track. Which is probably a good thing considering it might break the counter.

10. If I wasn't called to the ministry, I'd be a wedding planner or a profiler for the FBI. Both are great careers with lots of benefits in the real world, such as being able to tell when the guy at McD's is a serial killer and helping my girlfriends word their invitations (right Ashley?)

Now you want ten more or you are sorry you asked.

Either way, I love you more than Britney loved the Judds when she did Star Search.


Kristin said...

Love your blog...and your name. It has been my pick for a girls name for 12 years now. Alas God has made me a mother of boys - which I love - but I still love the name. Always thought it was very sophisticated. Anyways...totally off track. I have to shamefully admit after reading your post that I too can waste a perfectly good afternoon watching reruns of America's Next Top Model. And to embarress myself even further, and I can't believe I am sharing this - will practice the "model walk" in front of the mirror during commercials if I need to use the restroom. Sigh - yet another dream left unfulfilled! :)
Oh and a cool "fun fact" - my mom went to college with Mary Hart - before she was cool so I can claim to know someone who knew a celebrity.
And after all of that pathetic ranting I NEED to be quiet!
God Bless!

Lauren said...

You are too much fun!! haha I know I know - I totally feel like bff's already and we've never even met! Someday we will have to remedie the situation! :) Whenever we do finally get together I will make all your facebook albums! :)

K_L_C said...

Oh my goodness. You are so funny. I would love to hear more of the E-Harmony story. :)

Keyly Watts said...

Lauren ~ I just love you girl!!!!! To quote my favorite movie, "you are too twisted for color TV" (any guess what the movie is?)
And BTW - I love Antiques Roadshow! I got a lot of junk I think is valuable. I got some stuff that I know I can retire off of!!
Have a great day!!!