Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Guest Blog by my Former Roommate Amber in Which She Rats Us Out.

Since I made that list of ten honest things, I decided to ask Amber to give you the Paul Harvey version of the eHarmony story.

Then I remembered it is quite telling and a little ratty, as Holly Golightly would say.

Then I thought, OH WELL, as That Girl would say.

from Amber:

My good friend and roomie Lauren and I were enjoying our usual scheduled meal time at the trough *ahem*
cafeteria...when we honed in on a conversation across the table between two of our guy friends. They were openly discussing the fact that they had set up eHarmony accounts in hopes of finding their true love.

The sad reality was that neither of these guys had received any matches in about a week or so. Lauren and I exchanged awkward glances and didn't really know how to respond to the situation, so we just kind of snickered behind our hands a bit.

Later in the dorm room, we erupted into laughter, like, really boisterous laughter, about the whole pathetic situation. So...

we did what any great gal friends would do: see if we could show up our guy friends. We took turns helping each other create the most awesome eHarmony profiles of all time. Not that the stuff in it was untrue, just...well, our personalities really are that awesome :) Anyway, we swore each other and our other roommates to secrecy that no one would ever know about that fateful night.
The next day, we signed into our accounts and lo and behold- we each had at least 12 matches!!!! As the days went on, the numbers grew! It was unbelievable, but mostly we considered these facts: (1) We had won in our secret battle. We definitely outdid those boys. (2) Those boys must have some really crappy profiles. AND (3) GIRLS RULE, AND BOYS DROOL, which is why those two must never know about our conquering of the eHarmony world. As an addendum, one of these gentlemen just got married a few weeks ago. Although they didn't meet on eHarm, he did find the love of his life and turns out, Neil Clark Warren's help wasn't needed in this case. If you have been helped by EHarmony, rock on! If you don't have any matches yet, call us and we can help!! We are currently contracting out.

From Laur:

Please note that you should never ever swear my best friends to secrecy because there is a distinct chance later on down the road we'll make you blog about it to your one hundred closest strangers.


Paige said...

So funny!! Sounds like something I would do. = )