Monday, June 22, 2009

People That Girl Would Like to Meet

There are certain people with whom I would love to sit down and chat. For a real long time. Let's be honest. I would call them my BFFs after one cup of coffee, too.

All joking aside, I believe in mentorship and learning from others who have been successful in living an abundant life and having a powerful ministry because of their faithfulness and character.

In no particular order.

HELLO! BETH MOORE! Not only do I want to meet her, I want to join Beth, Melissa, and Amanda for Moorder. If you are a siesta, you know what I'm talking about :D And I want to know the secret of her hair volume too.

Gary Haugen

Francine Rivers. I sat behind her on a bus once but I had not yet read Redeeming Love. WHAT A SHAME. A CRYING SHAME.

Sara Groves. Her work with IJM is so inspiring.

Nancy Alcorn, founder of Mercy Ministries. WOW, people. WOW.

Bethany Dillon. Met her once, but I done tole ya I want to be BFF, dang it.

Angie Smith.

BooMama. Her love for Dave Barnes is so completely respectable. Let's hang out and put "All That Noise" on repeat and air jam the tuba part, shall we?

Karen Kingsbury.

Perry Noble, pastor at Newspring Church, where my friend Clayton is on staff as a teaching pastor.

Elisabeth Elliot.

Brandon Heath.

these people are doing stuff for the Kingdom that BLOWS MY MIND. I would love to learn from them.

and, while we're at it, just because:

Jasmine I can tell from her photos that her ministry is capturing precious moments for people and helping them feel positive about themselves. Some of her photos would make Annie Leibowitz say, dang girl. that was a good shot..

Wendy of Wendy's fame. Like the daughter of Dave Thomas. Wendy, if you are reading this, I want to be friends! Any friend of The Frosty is a friend of mine. Let's get together, yeah yeah yeah.

which leads me to

Hayley Mills. Who does not love the accent, The Parent Trap, and do not forget her classic run on Saved By the Bell as Miss Bliss?

J Lo. Mostly because I feel that she would call me Mamacita. That would be the best if Jennifer Lopez called me a nickname and everyone else I know started calling me that, too. But then the name of this blog might have to change to That Mamacita and we'd have to buy a new domain name. (The new one is, by the way--thank you Sethy.)

Condoleezza Rice.

Andy Griffith.

Clinton and Stacy. Lord knows I need to be on What Not to Wear. My whole closet is themed in black, not because I am a goth, but because someone told me one time if I wore black it would make me look skinnier. So I figured, more is less and all so I bought up a whole bunch of black clothes and honestly I forgot that other colors existed for a while. Plus, it's very hard to be a 23-year-old in the plus-sized section and simultaneously avoid wearing a muumuu or something Toots, my eighty-something Grandma, would enjoy more than me.

There's just a few for you.

Bloggerotsky, it's your turn. Who do you want to meet? I know you probably want to meet Jesus and the cast of characters in the Bible, but other than that, with whom would you like to spend a day?


Shannon said...

:) I LOVED Good Morning, Miss Bliss! (it's original name when it was on Disney before it became SBTB! :)

Angie Smith is wonderful...that's how I found your site!

And, hello, Stacy and Clinton? LOVE THEM! ;)

Your blog is wonderful!

tank said...

Dr. James Dobson, Peyton and Eli Manning (together), Jack Bauer. Odd combination, I know.

Susan said...

I love Beth Moore. I have a magazine article interview with her I keep in my Bible journal because it inspires me so. Andy Griffith would be awesome!! I always thought Billy Graham would be an amazing man to talk to. Joyce Meyer too.

Christy said...

Hmmm Ok here goes....Yadier Molina and Albert Pujols, Lucy Swindoll (met her once), Shiela Walsh (met her once),Rachael Rae, Tubby Smith, Rick Pitino, Nancy Moser (love her christian novels), Max Lucado, I too NEED to visit Stacy & Clinton, been trying to get SOMEONE.. ANYONE to nominate me cause let's face it, I need help!! But for my #1 it would be Dr. David Jeremiah!! He so inspires me and I am always learning from his teachings!

-amber cook- said...

I'd like to meet Bethany Dillon as well... and..

Lindsey Lohan...because I think that she just needs someone to listen to her and give her a big hug.

Drew Barrymore...because she is one of my fav actresses, and I'd like to see if she really acts like she does in the movies that she is in lol.

Keyly Watts said...

First I would like to have a sit down with President W. Bush (inspiring). Then I would travel across the pond to talk to Princess Diana's sons (facinating). From there I would head back home and hunt down Curt Russell and Goldie (I love these too!) And last but not least I would love to meet the person that invented the Reese's peanut butter cup, get a REAL BFF and maybe then he/she would give me the recipe!! (I'm thrifty - not cheep!!)

Shelly said...

This could take a while :), of course! Even though you are a few *cough* years younger than I am - I think we could totally hang out :) We do both have August birthdays after all!

Stacy & Clinton - oh yeah!

Nicholas Sparks - I want to see what makes him tick as a writer. I get so lost in his books.

Mandisa - I want to know where she shops! LOL

Hmm...Casting Crowns. The song "Praise You in this Storm" has become a theme for me I guess. I first heard it as I was going through a miscarriage and it stuck with me. Then when my husband (Stage 1 - expected to be cured! God's already taken care of that!) was diagnosed with lymphoma in April - it stuck a little deeper.

Angie Smith, MckMama, & Kelly Stamps - all the blogs I read.

I'm sure there are TONS more but I'll stop here!

Kathryn @ Expectant Hearts said...

OH, fun! Um, let's see, Beth Moore is on my list.. and Angie Smith.

I know as soon as I send this comment Ill think of a bunch of other people..

Oh, I would LOVE to have coffee with Nancy & David Guthrie. Marybeth Chapman. Lynnette Kraft & Loni from Writing Canvas.

Hmmmmmmm, I think that's it.

You know, here's something to consider. I have had people enter my life through circumstances (most recently Seth). Not FAMOUS people, but busy people. And I wanted to get to know them better. What I wound up doing (on some advice from someone else) was just point blank asking: "Can we have coffee sometime? I'd like to get to know you better" AND I now have monthly coffee with a woman I admire and am learning much from (and I think that might even be mutual!).. Just putting it out there.. OF course, it helps if they're local and you can contact them directly! :::grins::::

Thanks, Lauren!!

Lauren said...

okay well I DEFINITELY want to meet Beth Moore!!! (hello - what christian woman doesn't?!)

Angie Smith

Lori Wick

Karen Kingsbury

Natalie Grant (her songs have had me weeping on the floor some days!)

Michael W Smith because he rocks!

Kaye Arthur

Reese Witherspoon (a.d.o.r.a.b.l.e)

My hubby's grandma Louise who died before I met her ... I want to KNOW her so bad... gotta wait til heaven I guess!

THis was fun - thanks Lauren! :)

Susie said...

Patsy Clairmont (I've met her a book signing & at a hotel but not sure that counts!) She a Bible-thumpin Momma, power packed with God's wisdom in a tiny little person! She could just adopt me if she was looking for a daughter. Hee Hee

Julie Andrews--I would love to sing with her & jump brooks in the Mountains of Austria and the Hills would be alive with the sound of music!!

Jon & Kate Gosselin...I'd like to ask them what happened to all those scriptures they heavily relied on and let them know They are still RELEVENT and REAL and to apply them to their lives and childrens lives!

Candice Olsen from Divine Design...she could just have her way with my old farm house and I am sure I would ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!

Lisa Bearnson - The fairest Scrapbooker of them all! She could get my scrappin space whipped into shape and organized! I can only dream!

Stephen Curtis Chapman because he was the first "contemporay christian cassette tape I ever owned" and he still rocks now 20+ years later! All I can say is Saddle up your horses!

Dr. James Dobson - he could whip my parenting skills in line I'm sure and put super Nanny to shame!

So there you go Lauren...can you hook me up with any of these?? hee hee..

Shelly said...

It's so strange one of the posts mentioned Jon & Kate - because I was thinking about them too. Hmm..