Tuesday, June 16, 2009

To The Anonymous.

I don't know who this precious soul is, or where she lives, or what she does for a living, or where she grew up. But I do know that she needs our prayers and love.

A few days ago I received an anonymous comment on my blog. It broke my heart.

Anonymous said...

I am so glad I found your blog. I hardly slept at all last night, partly because of what your talking about here. Hubs and I have been trying to adopt since the fall of 2004. 1st little girl was a friend of a friends and the mother was killed in a car accident. Long story there but the state took her from the home she was at in the middle of the night and we never saw her again. Second little girl is in Honduras. We found her through a church mission trip in Huntsville, AL. After months of paperwork and phone calls, we find out that the country wont allow us to PICK a child. At this point folks start to tell us about your ladies that can't keep their babies. We lost a baby girl in one of these situations in May 2008. Mother decided to try to parent as losing 2 older girls to the state...starting to see a pattern here. We been waiting for China for 3 years and they tell us it could be another 3. I see people everyday having kids that can't feed them and care for them. Families going to China that already have 3,4 or 5 kids in the home. I am totally broken hearted. Yes I pray. I don't even feel worthy of that sometimes. Like He shouldn't have to heard me grumble and cry anymore.

Oh well. Thanks for listening. I couldn't say that to anyone who knows me. I am the happy girl with the bright smile and try not to let anyone see me any other way. Put on your happy face kind of thing. Please pray with me for Gods will for my life especially for a baby. Thanks again.

Ma'am, I want you to know that your struggles matter. I believe that we serve a God who camps out with us in the midst of our struggles and shields us with Himself when the storms rage roughly around us and we have no other cover. I hope that you know you are loved. I am sorry that you have experienced so many heartaches and that it has never worked out. I wish I could tell you why.

I can only offer my love and prayers as you endure a broken heart and believe,

as David Crowder sings so eloquently:

Where there is pain, Let there be grace
Where there is suffering, Bring serenity....
Where there is misery, Bring expectancy

Father, would you fill these hearts with expectancy? Comfort them and help them to rest under Your cover as the storms rage all around them and disappointment abounds. I praise You for being a God of hope, and I pray that you would use hope to rekindle their joy in serving You. I ask for a miracle child, Lord. I believe You can do anything and that nothing is too hard for You. Be near these brokenhearted ones and bring them strength and comfort. Rescue them because they are crushed in spirit. I ask all these things in the name of the One who rescues: Jesus.

Bloggerotsky, I ask that each of you who read this post and are believers in Christ would leave a prayer in the comments section if you are able. Let's bless this sister, wherever she may be. I know you won't let me down now, when she needs you the most.


♥ H ♥ said...

Sending up prayers for this little lady!!
Sisters in Christ,

Sockrma18 said...


THANK YOU. For all that You have done, all that You are doing and all that You will do. Thank you for pulling us in when we need Your protection and walking beside us as we endure the heartache of this life. I pay that You show Your face to these two....show them that You are there and there is a purpose for their circumstances and pain of today. Love them as only You can.

In Jesus precious name I pray,

Lauren said...

Oh Lauren... thank you so much for sharing this with us! I am praying for this sweet woman, with whom I can completely relate. I know what it is to grieve the loss of children, and I know what it is to wait for a baby and grow discouraged and weary. I lift you up, dear sister, that God would strengthen you and comfort you ... "Though the mountains be shaken and the hills be removed, yet my unfailing love will not be shaken, not my covenant of peace be removed." Isaiah 54:10

kmilleratchc said...

Lord, I pray for this couple and lift them up to you. Wrap them in your loving embrace and comfort them in their pain. Lord you know the longing they have for a child and I trust that you have a plan for their lives and their family. I pray that your will be done and that a child will be given to this faithful couple.
In Jesus Name I pray..AMEN

Kristin said...

Dear Sister in Christ
My heart and prayers go out to you. I have felt the pain of miscarriage, of infertility and then also the joy of holding our sons in our arms. Just as I had believed God had given up on me and my ability to have another child he showed me that He is bigger than I can imagine. I believe He works His will out in us in His time. May you feel comfort today in what His time is for your life and I pray that you will be blessed by a child of your own soon.

Kathryn @ Expectant Hearts said...

Father, I lift up this sister in Christ to you, Lord. You know who she is and exactly what she needs. Jesus, I pray for encouragement for her & her husband. That you would continue to cover them and Lord, that you would MAKE YOUR PRESENCE KNOWN to their hurting souls.
I thank you for your provision, for your great love for us. God, please mend that woman's broken heart and give her a child to love.

Emily said...

Dear Lord,
Thank you for giving this person the bravery to put her story out there and ask for some prayer and loving. I don't know why this person has experienced so much suffering already, but I do know that you do not allow more suffering than we can handle. Lord, I pray that You surround this woman with all the love of the people on this blog and all the love in her family and community. Lord I also ask that you work a miracle just like you have with other great ladies of the Bible: Sarah, Hannah, Rebekah, Rachel, the wife of Manoah, and Elizabeth to give this woman a child.

Right now this woman sounds like she feels pretty beat up and down trodden. Though, it may seem like little comfort, it is such a blessing that this woman could share the thing that is so painful for her to even talk about. Please grant all of us a little bravery to say what's really on our hearts rather than that we're 'fine'. I ask all of this in Jesus' blessed name. Amen

Sonshine and Wildflowers said...

Thank you Dear Jesus for allowing me to cross paths with both these sweet girls today.

In Jesus's name, I ask You Dear Father to comfort and strengthen this couple that wants a baby more than anything. I pray you will show Yourself completely in the midst of their struggles & heartbreak, and give this sweet girl a real smile, a smile that can only come from Your Precious Son, Jesus.

Thank you Dear Lord for fighting this battle for them.! REJOICE!! THE BATTLE IS WON!!

Your Will be done, Amen!

sharalyns said...


You know the burdens of our hearts, and that You want us to seek you in our times of trouble. Therefore, we claim the promise that You "will never leave us nor forsake us". In addition, Lord, we claim James 1:2-4 and "Consider it all joy when we encounter various trials, knowing that hte testing of our faith produces endurance. Letting endurance have its perfect result, that we may be perfect and complete, lacking in nothing."

Let Your love surround this couple as they seek to follow Your will, and may Your perfect peace radiate through them.

In Your Son's name,

Tina said...

Lord we lift this family up to you and ask that you comfort them as they walk through this journey and that they feel your loving arms around them as they wait for your will to be done...We praise you and love you for your wonderful Grace Amen!

Rebecca said...


I ask that You would hold these broken hearts near to You in the midst of all the disappointment that has surrounded them. Help them to find hope in the darkness and to feel Your undeniable presence surrounding them.

We pray for a miracle Lord, one that would allow them to know the joys of parenthood. Help them to know that no request is too great for You, and You cherish each prayer as they give You the desires of their hearts.

I ask all this in Your name, amen.

Chelsa said...

I'm praying Jeremiah 29:11 for this lady. God DOES know the plans he has for us and they are for good, not for evil. My heart hurts for her as I know the longing for a child... the "almost ours" and then releasing them back. Obviously different circumstances, but very much the same pain.

If she reads this and wants to talk to someone who has experienced infertility and infant loss please email me... chels_danielle@hotmail.com

Lauren-- I go tomorrow at 10am to record my testimony. Please pray that I will have the ability to speak clearly and get the words out that God knows these women need to hear, that through me they can know that God does care about our pain.

Abbie Lynn said...

Dear Lord,
I pray that you put your loving arms around this woman, Lord. I don't know anything about her, but YOU do! You know every hope, every joy, every sorrow, every cry for help. Lord, I pray that you bless this couple with a child - you are AMAZING, Lord, and we know taht all things can be done through YOU. Thank you for letting me be a small part in this miracle. All praise be to YOU!!!

Stephanie Calderon said...

I am praying for you and your husband....and just remember He only does things to prosper us and not to harm us....I will pray that you will get that baby that you so long for...and that baby will be soo blessed to have parents that care as much as you two do.

God bless

Jenny said...

Father, I pray for your peace to overwhelm this couple who are broken hearted. Let them know that you are with them and that you do care and that you love them. Fill them with your peace that passes all understanding as they wait for a child. And help them to feel the love and support of the Body of Christ in their pain.

Paige said...


Bless this sweet family! Lord, we often don't understand why you take us on the paths we follow, but Lord we know you are in control and will give us the blessings we so deserve! Be with these two individuals who long to love a child, and Lord provide for them during their waiting.

Lord, I also ask that you bless each one you has read this post and offered prayers up for this family.


Anonymous said...

Thank You, Jesus, that you love this women- right where she's at. Thank You for seeing her, and knowing her, and loving her- right where she's at. Please, show her Your nearness and goodness. Bring peace to her heart right this moment.
And God, I also pray for a miracle baby. In your perfect way, bring a child into this home. And until that time, show Your grace and love in huge, huge ways.

Leslie said...

Heavenly Father, shine Your light on this child of Yours. Comfort her heart...and her empty arms. Prepare her for the child that You have already chosen for her, no matter how that child may come to her. Here us join in her plea to raise another follower of You. If it be Your will, bless her richly as her heart desires.

In His Name, Amen.

Keyly Watts said...

Precious Lord ~ Thank You for power in this lady. Her faith in You gives light to her in this hard time in her life. Your word says you will protect us from ALL things. I ask that you send your unfailing love and recognizable hand upon her right now Lord. I am going to trust that YOU KNOW the outcome of this situation and that YOU will show this kind lady your face today to give her your comfort and peace.

In all things, trusting You Lord,

Leah Robinson said...

Dear Lord,

I pray today that this wonderful woman, this child of yours God, feels your love and comfort. I pray that this heartbreaking time she has been through is forgotten soon with the BIGGER plan you have for her Lord!!

I pray this in your name Jesus,


Anonymous said...

Lord God,
Thank you for loving us and for always hearing our prayers and our cries. Thank you that your timing is perfect and help us to remeber you are soverign. We may never know why things happen the way they do this side of heaven, but thank you for walking this earth with us hand in hand, please offer this woman comfort that only you can give, be her shelter in this storm called life. Lord you have created a gift in children and I pray that you would bless this family with a child of their own in one way or another. In your name, Amen.