Wednesday, May 20, 2009

So NewSpring Church in South Carolina, a megachurch that is seeing thousands of people come to Jesus Christ, are leading the charge to prevent abortion every Mother's Day.

They are holding signs
but not outside an abortion clinic

They are yelling
but not at confused pregnant women trying to make choices in a bad situation

They are spending money, but not on round trip tickets to march in DC.

Instead, they are waving "Welcome Home!" signs and cheering as a single mom who attends NewSpring is brought in with her children by limo

They are yelling at the bus driver to "Move That Bus!"

and they are handing her the keys to a brand-new HOUSE.

and they are proving that Jesus cares about single moms and pregnant women who have run out of options, thus giving women who are hopeless an understanding that the Church will help them if they choose to keep their babies. Does every single mom at NewSpring get a new house? No...but do you think that they help other single moms with other ministries and services that they offer?


I am certainly not saying that every church is called to do this. My church does not have the budget that NewSpring's church does.

but what is GOD calling each of us to do?

I shared with Shannon, my sister-in-law, that Princess Sarah, the little girl Jami and I sponsor, sent us a letter last week. In our last letter to her, we asked her what she needed for us to send to her for the summer. She sent back the most precious letter, telling us that SHE PRAYS FOR US and that her mommy says hi, and asked for sundresses and shoes.

My budget for this month was kind of tight, so I texted Shan and asked her to look around the house for stuff my nieces K, H and E couldn't wear anymore. Sarah, whom we have been sponsoring for going on two years, is five years old now and tucked conveniently right between K and H.

I got a text back about twenty minutes later from Shan saying that there was a box being shipped to my apartment full of new clothes for Sarah. I immediately began to weep and told her, of course, that was not exactly what I had in mind. Her response was that her girls had everything they ever could want or need and that Sarah probably wouldn't mind having some new clothes.

(Crying again as I type this)

You see, God called Shannon to sit at her computer that night and share of what He had given her. And you can bet your sweet bippy that Sarah's face will light up when she opens that box to find some brand-new duds. God called Jami and I to sponsor Sarah about two years ago, then he called me to go to Haiti and meet her (more on that experience another day). He called Shannon to help out too. When we all do our part, it adds up.

Princess Sarah and myself during church in Haiti
(it was hot--forgive my sweatiness.)
By the way, Jami and I are going to Haiti together next June!!

We each know of someone, whether it's a single mom or a little girl or a lonely older gentleman or our grandma in the nursing home or little Alexander across the world...we may not be able to buy somebody a house but we can sure make someone's day, or week, or month...

Who in your life needs the touch of Jesus today?


crittyjoy said...

wow, what an amazing thing for that Church to do. And an amazing thing for you to do...I too sponsor a child (through compassion int) and cannot imagine my life without her.