Tuesday, March 10, 2009

All you little pray-ers out there....


We also need to leave up Bob Maze, a dear friend and brother in Christ who was recently admitted to the hospital for pneumonia...Please pray for a quick recovery so he can get back to spoiling his grandkids :D

Please pray for my Uncle Bill, who is undergoing a VERY, VERY serious surgery today! We are believing God for a miracle!

Please pray also for my friend's daughter Jackie. She is feeling sick and her mother spoke in faith that she would be healed by tomorrow. It would be beautiful for Jackie to truly encounter God for the first time by meeting Him as the Healer!! What a testimony that would be.

Bloggerotsky, please take a moment and pray for these requests.

How can I pray for you today?

The prayers of the righteous are fervent and effectual!!


Carol said...

I will certainly add them both to my prayers. Could you also add Bob to the list...he's still not any better with the pnemonia and is finally being admitted the the hospital for it.