Tuesday, March 10, 2009

That Girl's Bookshelf.

So a couple of weeks ago, I was at work minding my own when I received a fabulous email from Julie Dowd. Julie works for Abingdon Press, and she wanted to share one of their newest books with me.

Girls, I wouldn't lie to ya. And if I know anything-it's books. After all, I spent many an afternoon devouring every book in sight at my parents' bookstore. I have offered book recommendations to many of you and now I have a new one to share with you:

One Wish for You: Celebrating the Women in Our Lives
by Celia Whitler.
I liked it so much I called Julie Johnson, a BFF and our bookstore manager to say, "You hafta get this book to sell for Mother's Day!"

This sweet coffee-table book made me smile, made me chuckle, and made me tear up a little in places too.

This sweet little book is all about celebrating those women in our lives who have ministered to us in so many ways: as mothers, sisters, daughters, friends, co-workers, Sunday School teachers, grandmothers, and cafeteria ladies. It's not a story about a certain woman, but rather encouragement for any woman that has reached out and offered grace to us at one time or another.

It has great photos of landscapes and flowers and such. The author, Celia Whitler, has written a song titled One Wish for You, and the lyrics to the song as well as some of Celia's writings on friendship and some selected scripture verses, fill the beauty of each page. In the back of the book, there is a CD of the song One Wish For You as well as four other songs. It would make a great gift for a mom who is a music lover or a friend who loves looking at photography. Celia has a beautiful way of waving God's Word with her own words to spur on any woman toward love and good deeds.

(don't judge on the eyebrows. I am gonna see Bev to get them fixed on Friday. It's been a busy couple months, alright? :D )

It truly would make a delightful Mother's Day gift or a "just because" gift to a woman who has taught you more about loving Jesus.

plus, the cover has a really pretty picture of a cute summer centerpiece you can use for your fourth-of-July party. (That Girl is nothing if not practical!)

put this at the top of your list. I know Blessings will have some for purchase (Don't everyone go out at once at pull a Tickle-Me-Elmo at Blessings Christian bookstore or anything) as well as amazon and the Abingdon Press site.

so girls....
Question of the day:

Who is a woman you love and respect and why do you love her so much?


Christy said...

OMGosh that pic is so adorable!! I LOVE and respect so many women!! The main one would have to be my mama, I havent always agreed with her but she has done her best to raise us in the church and given us great influences to look up to by doing so. I also love and respect all my Ya Ya's and my Christian sistas! It is such a blessing to have a great group of people who know how to keep it real and STILL LOVE you in spite of it all. Love YOU girl =)

believingod said...

Okay I am now adicted to another blog, I DON"T have time for this!
My mother is a woman who didn't exactly lead me to Christ, I kind of lead her, but she has encouraged me with her leap of faith. She is sooo good to people. I have never saw a woman who can tell you like it is, yet still love you with her whole self. She loves so many people. She sends food, cards and prayers to everyone! Everyone I know loves her and wishes she were theirs! I am so glad she is MINE! I thank God for her everyday! She is a outright awesome Memaw. I am so grateful that my children get to experience her. I will be looking for that book. Your parents owned a bookstore? I have book jealously!I need that book Lauren!