Monday, January 26, 2009

What if We... (& Giveaway)

I am getting some GREAT responses in the comment section. Let's try to narrow it down for a more specific, more attainable approach...such as
What if we paid for the car behind us in the drive-thru?
What if we fed the homeless person we see every day on the way to work?

Thanks, Bloggerotsky. You are awesome.

Brandon Heath's album What if We is messing me up so much right now.
I visit his website and for the past several months since What If We came out, he has been asking questions and answering them with video blogs....
such as:
What If We bought a stranger's lunch?
What if We Learned to Communicate?

It has inspired me to continue the quest in what the Book of James calls true in loving God by caring for those who are unloved or oppressed.

So that's where you come in. I am beginning a blog feature called

and I want your help. Beginning now, I am asking you, dear Bloggerotsky, to fill in the blank
"What if we..."
Your suggestions will be used if possible for an upcoming series of video blogs where I will try to demonstrate your suggestion.
If your suggestion is used, you will score a FREE Brandon Heath CD and also see your idea come to life!

Let's remember to keep it within reach, because we want to actually accomplish these things (i.e. What if we...had world peace is a lofty goal, but slightly unattainable for "that Girl..." at this present moment).

You may also steal that graphic and put it on your own blog (please be sure to link it to my blog, so that everyone can be in the running for the giveaway--we want everyone involved...Hence, What If WE.

so, get to it, folks.

What if we....


Carol said...

What if We...spent one day loving everyone just the way we'd want to be treated/loved?? One day isn't a long time, but man, it might be tough!

Christy said...

What if we....looked at all people through Jesus' eyes.

Leslie said...

What if we hugged the very next person who walked into the room?

What if we handed a 'thinking of you' card to someone who really needed it when they least expected it?

What if we asked a stranger to sit with us at lunch?

Tami said...

What if we would love on people just like we love on our pets?

Leah Robinson said...

What if we....smiled at everyone that crossed our path for a day.

Guatmama said...

prayed for a stranger that does not smile.