Monday, January 26, 2009



Kristi's shower has been rescheduled for NEXT Monday night (in case we get lots of snowy weather....) Same time, Same Station.
I am unable to attend due to a meeting I have next Monday, but I encourage you to go and share your support of the babies like Eli that I am convinced are the apple of our God's eye.

I have double-booked myself it appears. Since I didn't get a lot of response about the invitation to ring in the Chinese New Year, I am going to assume that no one is going to be sorely disappointed if I don't make it at 5:30 tonight like the original plan. I am supposed to have an appointment today and I can't make both places. So, if anyone wants to meet up in the next couple of weeks at some point and have our own Chinese New Year prayer/celebration. I do want to be intentional but if I am being honest, things are really crazy with teaching at Chapel on Wednesday and the retreat starting on Friday so maybe a different week would be better for all of us...
But we are still going to do it soon. Remember this?

We may drop it likes it's hot Chinese style in PRINCETON so that Jenny C. can come too...What do you think?

Okay, everyone in Loogootee needs to remember Kristi's Ethiopian-style baby shower. Please bless the babies that are hanging out with their little Eli and pray for them as they prepare to pick him up SOON. I hope to be there, too. We shall see if breaking the speed barrier is in my future and if the weather is on my side...

Please pray for my Response Girls as we get ready for the Marvelous Light retreat this weekend. I feel like I am not going to get everything done, but God's Word reminds me that although I may have created mass chaos in picking this weekend, nothing is too hard for Him! I am trusting the Father and not my feelings today.

You are loved!