Saturday, January 31, 2009

Guest Blog: Bonnie VS. Nikki: The Smackdown.

I asked one of my dearest friends, Krystal, to write a guest blog for me. Up front, you need to know that she calls me "Lolly" as that was my childhood moniker for 10 ever-loving years (okay, to some family members who shall remain nameless it still is...sigh) but what is my pride when you already know so much. In fact, two of Krystal's sisters named on of their pets after me. It filled me with great joy and delight...that is until i found out they named the kitten "Lolly Dolly Dumpling" becuase that was my dad's much-expanded nickname for me. No wonder I wasn't cool in grade school. Or now. But I digress, and I leave you in Krystal's most capable hands to discuss--

who did it better? Bonnie or Nikki?

without further ado...

Bonnie VS. Nikki: The Smackdown
by Krystal Nicole Chestnut, RN (sounds much more clinical that way, don't you agree?)

Okay, here is my analysis of one of the oldest debates in history (at least since 1994 when Nikki released her version): Who did Total Eclipse of the Heart better - Bonnie Tyler or Nikki French?

Bonnie Tyler - Okay, so when you listen to Bonnie belt it out, you feel her pain and agony. She needs you now, tonight. You want everything to work out for her, you almost pity what has become of her and her love life in this song. She makes this song a power ballad and I am sure it can make grown men cry. Has the possibility of putting you in a depressed mood.

Nikki French, on the other hand, makes the song fun; you kinda just have to bounce along with the beat. Her version is definitely a dance club version. Her attitude is yeah, I would like you back, but if you stay away, whatever, I'll just dance to this really cool beat. Has the possibility of lifting you out of that depressing mood (who needs the pain of heartbreak, lets just get up and dance).

Now for the original music video, that award goes to Bonnie. At a few points, you think it might need a good exorcist (talk about bright eyes) and then you're thinking, maybe I should teach at this school (just kidding, but their football uniforms are truly original). Nikki really didn't reach her full potential as an artist in her video, I am afraid. We only see her and the back-ups singing, and then some woman dancing in front of the moon...Where is the drama???? (I am hoping Lolls puts a link for both videos for your viewing enjoyment)

So.....the award for Who does it Best goes to........


Sorry Nikki, I heard your version first and it will live in my heart forever, but sometimes you just have to feel the song and the heartbreak of the artist.

On Another note, I am feeling a bit cheated. Internet research says the original version was almost 7 minutes long! However, that is only available on Bon's original album (and no music video!). I am going to have to find it so I can hear the 3rd verse and be able to appreciate this classic even more.

*By the way people, I really do have a life; I simply gave Lolly a mini-analysis on the way home from seeing some cadavers and she was instantly jealous she hadn't come up with it first!

A note from That Girl...
Krystal was the first person to ever introduce me to the wonder and majesty of this song. A single of Nikki French's version in a cassette sleeve changed my life that day on the playground of Loogootee Elementary West.

I have obviously never been the same...

Krystal's opinion leaves the comment section open for debate. But do your homework people, and bring your best game to the table. What's not up for discussion is the fact that I had the coolest nickname this side of Mount Saint Helens. You wish your family and friends still call you LOLLS!!


Leslie said...

Being older that your guest blogger, Bonnie Tyler's version came out for me long before Nikki French's version. So, my favorite will always be Bonnie's.

But I always thought of Nikki's version as the aerobic remake. She decided that if this man was going to leave her, she'd need the comforting words of love-song-philosophy to soothe her broken heart, but she would also need a savvy physical fitness regime in order to get back into prowling physique. Her updated version of the song offers both!

'every now and then I get a little bit nervous that the best of all the years have gone by'

Anonymous said...

...please where can I buy a unicorn?