Friday, January 16, 2009

Chinese New Year. BLOG PARTY!

My roommate Nicole mentioned receiving an email from our friend whosenameiwontmentionherebecauseidontwantertogetintroubleinchina, asking us to seek the Lord during the week of Chinese New Year.

Let me explain. The way that our friends reach out to the university students is to have parties. Chinese New Year is a week-long celebration, so there are plenty of opportunities and excuses to party. My friends in China party with a purpose: to share the Gospel with Chinese students.

So they have asked us to pray for them on Monday January 26th:
*that the students are open and receptive to the Gospel.
*that our friends are protected by the Sovereign hand of God. (Some have already had run-ins, so to speak)
*that their ministry will continue to see A MIGHTY MOVE OF GOD in China as people are being saved there DAILY.
*that he will provide for our friends' every need and that they will stay encouraged and we would stay faithful to pray for them.

I know your hearts, Bloggerotsky. I also know that Kristi's presentation on Ethiopia is on Monday night. I promised her I would be there, and I will...

but my friend whosenameiwontmentionherebecauseidontwantertogetintroubleinchina had an idea. She asked us to go to eat at a Chinese buffet, and while fellowshipping, to pray for them and their work in China to be effective....then take a photo and mail it to them!

Sooo, I am wondering if anybody in Blog World wants to rendezvous at China Wok, on Monday, January 26 and then have a cross-culturally amazing time a Faith Baptist Church. We can help out two cultures, each thousands of miles away from us and each other, and change some lives.

Will you come to my party? It's like the Blog World Tour.

Come on, you know you want to have a Blog Community Prayer Party/Shower.

Let me know if you are in. Hubs and kids are totally welcome! But FBC Bicknell girls need to go to Tracy's first Encountering God Bible Study!

Let's go Around the World in one night!!