Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Yeah, I am terrible with surprises. In fact, Julie, my mom, Ashley, and Jami have all said "I am never trying to surprise you EVER AGAIN!"

(imagine the same voice as "No More Wire Hangers--EVER!! on that one.)

Seth is surprising me with something (could be anything from a picnic to a trip to another Bedazzler) for my birthday. The plans had to be slightly altered, but I am still trying desperately to figure it out. I don't know why I am like that. But it's part of the fun for me. Makes me feel like JB Fletcher (who I watched solve mysteries every Sunday night with my mom while I was growing up).

Anyway, I guessed all my Christmas presents from Seth, including the elusive Bedazzler with one slight hint from him. Impressive, I know. Now he is on a kick to completely and utterly take me by surprise. Which is sweet. Really sweet. And I am hot on the trail to deduct what this surprise is going to be. Again, don't leave me comments about how rotten I am-I told you, it's part of the fun for me! But Seth isn't budging this time (well, minus a little slip he may or may not have tried to cover up) at all. Which makes my job a little tougher. I can't even pay off the kids at church to talk (BETHANY is a fortress of epic proportions) which is a sad state of affairs that they have been warned of my inability to handle surprises. But I love it when people make the effort even though I drive them NUTS.

So I have gotten on this kick of coming up with outlandish ideas of what my Birthday Surprise might be. Listen in:

L: "Honey, you really didn't have to do that."
S: "I didn't have to do what?"
L: "Invite Beth Moore to have lunch with me for my birthday. You shouldn't have, but I'm so glad you did!!"
S: rolls eyes.

and again:

L: "You are so thoughtful."
S: "What are you talking about?"
L: "You shouldn't have!! But you thought I just HAD to have it, didn't you? I wasn't going to say anything about how I wanted that black Jeep Liberty. But you already knew that, didn't you?"
S: rolls eyes.

What can I say?

So it's your turn. What do you think Seth is getting me for my Birthday?
Three Rules:
it has to be something that is not even a remote possibility- such as Beth Moore coming to my house for lunch or a trip to Sesame Street.
play fair and kindly keep your trap shut if you know so this blog doesn't give him heart failure.
don't guess anything that will make any of my readers, Seth, or myself feel awkward.

Thanks for playing. Best idea gets props in the blog.


Carol said...

Oh, I'm another one who simply enjoys "solving the gift" mystery! Drives Courtney insane!! :) It's just the way God made me, honey. lol

I think Seth will give you a coupon for a fabulous outfit from the Free for All (circa 1986). And since you can't be there, he'll have to pick it out for you. Maybe Thomas could help him??

But, if he's sending you to Sesame Street, won't you please take me along?

Elle MD said...

I heard he was buying you the town square in Loogootee...or is it a trapezoid? You know, so you can decorate it for every holiday, 10 Commandments sign up ALL YEAR LONG, candlelight services for anyone and everyone. Personally, I thought it was the PERFECT gift!

Greta said...

L: "You really shouldn't have!"
S: "Huh?"
L: "Although I will say it'll make those midnight cravings for FICB easier to satisfy."
S: confused look (wrinkled eyebrows & all)
L: "I still don't know how you pulled it off- getting a Sonic built in my honor on the OCU campus!"
S: rolls eyes

Love ya lots Lauren! Have a happy birthday week!

Indy (a.k.a. IndiNana) said...

My guess is.....a self-cleaning Kleenex. You'll only need one for the rest of your life (unless you lose don't).

Lauren said...

peeing my pants....gotta run...

Guatmama said...

Maraccas - doesn't everyone love maraccas?

beverlyj said...

I think it is a grand new ribbon for us to practice our stellar ribbon dance with! I think maybe it might even have rhinestones on it :)

Christy said...

L: Oh Seth, you shouldn't have..
S: What now??
L: An all expense paid trip to Africa for me & Christy, with the promise of bring at least ONE kid home!
S: Whatever!!

Andrea Fields said...

I bet he is taking you to see the Beach Boys on ice. Hope there are no broken hips!!

chaff "4" said...

I think I would keep up the hope that Beth Moore is coming to have lunch with you and then I would thank God that no matter what he gets you, you have been blessed with what sounds like a truly wonderful man and who is a gift from the Lord.

Lauren said...

You are so right, Kim!