Friday, November 7, 2008

Just a Few Things.

I promised you a couple of things yesterday.

1. Remember my friend who asked for my readers' input on how he should propose to his girlfriend? Rosi presented this idea for my friend's proposal plan:

"This is kind of a low-key proposal - he might want something more flashy. My son is getting ready to propose to his girlfriend, so I've been trying to think of things for him. :) Of course - there are a gazillion ideas online.

He could get her some customized golf balls - They could say "Engaged!" The Future Mrs. ???? or Will you marry me, (her name)-- OR something like that. He could give them to her as an early Christmas gift, or he could take them somewhere where you buy golf balls and make an arrangement with the clerk ...stop in at the proshop at the golf course and have the clerk (pro?) say, or were having a special on golf balls, and hand her those golf balls ...."

My friend likes that the best of all--he may use it. I will keep you updated on any news...Thanks, Rosi!

2. The winner of my latest Caption Contest is Susie! She captured my Hannah's priceless expression:
"Seriously! Only one picture and no one else ends up with a black eye!"
That one made me laugh the most. Good job, dear. By the way, Hannah's Birthday is tomorrow :D

3. I met two delightful women today. One is Sandy Black. She is an Admissions Rep for OCU and her husband, Dr. Ron Black is the Executive Director for the General Baptist Ministries. The other one is Pauletta Yarbrough. Her husband Curtis is our university's Chairman of the Board of Trustees. I had a really interesting and encouraging conversation with them about OCU and some generalities about changing the face of how the Church does women's ministry. It was exciting! I was also invited by Pauletta to speak at her Ladies' Christmas Banquet in Madisonvill, Kentucky. Ladies, if you are reading the blog today, thank you for all the encouragement. I look forward to seeing you both again soon!

The other incredible thing that happened deserves a post all by itself. Coming Soon!