Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Secret Mission: Show the Love.

I need your help, Loyal Blog Friends.

You see, I have a friend who will remain nameless. He has decided to pop the question to his lady love, and he needs help coming up with an idea for a memorable proposal. Given the fact that I used to be obsessed with the television show "Perfect Proposal" I thought this was a great time to practice being the new host if they ever would choose to revive the series. When he told me that he was having a hard time deciding how he would indeed pop the question, I said, "Well, mister, you have come to the right place."

Then I said, "Can I blog it?" Just like Garth Brooks, I'm shameless.

He said, "No names."

That's where you come in.
Here are some details:

She will be visiting his hometown in December.
They both love them some golf.
We need the SHOCK FACTOR in this one.

That's a good starting place.
So, just like 007, you are now on a secret mission to present ideas to my friend about how to ask his girlfriend to marry him. Be realistic, but not BORING!

My friend thanks you in advance for your participation.



Chaffin Family said...

If they have a favorite sports team they love he could get tickets and propose over the score board. My husband did than in college to me and it was very romantic and very shocking.