Thursday, November 6, 2008

Blog Slacker.

Forgive me, Blog World! I'll do better tomorrow.
Case of mad writer's block-which explains to Kim Chaffin why I got my "undies in a bunch..."


Help me with the block, Bloggerotsky.
In fact, let's open this popsicle stand up for questions...

Who wants to know something?

You know you've always wanted to ask. Just give in.

By the way, Rosi wins the award for the best proposal idea for my friend. I will share that tomorrow as well. It's legit--she didn't disappoint. Come back tomorrow as I select the winner from the latest caption contest. I am going to have to write a book so I can give them out free for the contest winners. So they have more than just the GLORY of winning That Girl's Blog Contests.

Not that the GLORY isn't enough.

over and out.