Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Ragin' Rapid.

I'll have you know, Good Blog Reader, that I just walked down the hall from my office to get a tasty* drink of cold water, and when I pressed the bar on the side of the fountain, I thought I was in Yellowstone when OLD FAITHFUL hit me in the face.

That is all.

*The term tasty is probably an exaggeration of epic proportions. OC water has seen better days.


Christy said...

So did you look around to see who was watching??

Chaffin Family said...

I am laughing. it is jut the kind of thing that happens to me. Kim

Nicole said...

I had quite the opposite happen last night before my night class. Went to get a drink and a slow and low stream came out. Not high enough to get a drink without putting my mouth on the fountain. Twas sad.

Ashley said...

Oh gotta love OCU :)