Thursday, October 23, 2008

A Few More Things.

1. My hair is oh-so-cute (can I say that?!) and SHORT! Thanks Beverly. A little plug: My friend Bev works at Dimensions studio in Vincennes. Go see her sometime. She cut it at church last night because I didn't have time to go in and see her...Then she made me go see Seth before I saw it myself. He started saying, "I like it!" before I had really even walked into the room. I love that man. He knows that you don't mess around with compliments when your lady gets a new haircut. Or haircute. baha. Go tell him to blog, dang it!! Blog outrage.

2. I did not look around to see who was watching, but I can almost guarantee the CFO or the VP of the University was walking by at that precise moment that the gushing geyser got me in the face. Why do I instinctively know this? Because I'm "That Girl..." and I can't have a dumb moment without the world watching. And I'm my own worst enemy because even if they miss it, I still tell YOU, Good Blog Reader.

3. Many thanks to Mandy Ash who sent me a way cute e-card for Pastor Appreciation Month. Who totally thoughtful and much appreciated!!

4. My Uppercase Living SOIREE is tonight. I like using soiree because it's so much more fancy, don't you think? Anyway, it will be held at Seth's sweet pad, aka the Church Parsonage.

5. For the party, I used my quality Kitchenaid artisan stand mixer to prepare the food, which includes cheesecake and a pumpkin dip that changes lives. By the way, some people might think it's extravagant that Seth bought me that blessed mixer. I DON'T!!!!!! I love that thing. So much that, in fact, it rode in the front seat next to me on the way from Oakland City to Bicknell.

And I put the safety belt on her just for good measure.


Ask my roommate. She raised her eyebrows a bit, but betwixt the two of us, we are used to antics that the world simply does not understand. Like seatbelting our food mixers.

6. I have trouble taking medication. I don't remember it. Plus, we slitting my time between the Thompson's and my apartment, I don't have the same routine every day. Plus, I take Synthroid, which is one of those you have to take one hour before or two hours after you eat. Does anyone have any suggestions? I have tried everything, and the men in my life are like, "TAKE YOUR MEDS!!" This creates a problem as I eat ALL THE TIME, which leads to...

7. I am doing a program for the Staff at school called "The Biggest Loser." It involves weekly weigh-ins, and I have to pay if I gain or stay the same, but I don't if I lose. It lasts eight weeks and at the end, the person with the msot percetage of weight loss gets to keep the dough!
Not cookie dough...
mmm, that sounds good...WHOA.
Chugga, chugga, get back on track, Laur. This is gonna be harder than I thought. So girs, smack my hand away from that pumpkin dip tonight.

8. I miss my girls. Someone came in the office yesterday and said Kristin looked just like me. It made me tear up a bit, as I just long to see them. NEXT MONTH!