Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Q & A: Round One

Greta asked me a great question:

Shawn & I attended the Right to Life Banquet the other night and noticed your dad had a special guest sitting next to him. What are your thoughts and feelings about this new development?

As we all know, life goes on. Sometimes before we are ready for it. When my mom first passed away, it was very hard to adjust to my dad dating. He started dating sooner than I thought was healthy, but I didn't lose a spouse and I didn't have to come home to our empty house every night. I had school, work, friends, boyfriend, church activities, Emmaus stuff, etc to keep my mind and heart busy as I grieved this monumental loss. Every day the two places he went were our shop and our home, both of which carried multiple reminders of her life and death.

But I was hurting, and I didn't cut him any slack. I said disrespectful things and was hateful to him a number of times regarding this issue. I regret that with all of my heart. I disapproved of his choice to move on that quickly and more than anything was worried about him. I made excuses for being angry and frustrated, but in the end, I was sinful and selfish in a lot of ways. I was dying inside, and the idea of someone new did not exactly set my world on fire.

I prayed a lot about it and God showed me that my attitude toward him had been very wrong. Regardless of how I felt, he is my dad and he was hurting too. I should have shown more compassion.

He does have a lady is his life now who is a really nice Christian. She loves the Lord and knows the Word of God. She is very adventurous and loves to travel. I like her and although I have only met her once, I think she is probably a great encouragement to my dad. She is very pretty and smart and has two daughters. She lost her husband a few years ago to cancer, so she knows the pain and hurt my dad has been through. I don't know what they will do, but I know this:

I am learning to trust God with the things I cannot change. I want GOD'S best for my dad, so I have to be wiling to surrender what I think is best. I have come a long way, but I still have a way to go. HE is enough.

Love you, Dad!

So I am a little disappointed since thus far I have only received one question...
COME ON! You know you want to ask....

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Until Round 2,


Susie said...

Have you used your PINK kitchen aid mixer yet and what did you use it for??? I tried to e-mail you that pizza dough recipe but it kicked back to me undeliverable to the g-mail address on your blog???

Chaffin Family said...

Thanks for letting me know where to go to get the signature. I'll pray that you will rest in God and know he only wants what is right for your Dad just as you do.

Shannon said...

Hey Lauren!

Greta gave no mercy on the question... just let ya have it!!! Maybe you should encourage her to start her own blog so you can give her a dose of her own medicine? I'm just teasing... But thanks for sharing your heart about such a tough topic... you are something special!

Thanks too for the signature link... I wondered how to do that.

Lauren said...

I promised to answer--kind of hoping I would get some fun ones, too....but that's okay.