Monday, October 6, 2008

Ask Me Already .

inquiring minds want to know...


If that's true, you may ask me anything you wish to know and I will answer it on the blog (or in a personal email if it's a little too "out there" for the public).

so ask.

I'm sure you've wondered...

does she reeeeeally exercise 6 hours a DAY? Now that's dedication!

or maybe

is her favorite song seriously "Barbie Girl" by Aqua?

or perhaps

does she have the spiritual gift of peeing her pants at inopportune moments?
But seriously,
if you want to know about my most awkward moment EVER or what my biggest fear is or who gave me the best toys at Christmas or what my favorite kind of jewelry is or what book I have read no less than forty times,
you can ask :D

well, now you can find out if you dare.

leave a comment or shoot me an email. From the funny to the serious. This could be entertaining for everyone.


by the way, if someone knows how to make those cool little signatures at the bottom of le blog, please tell me...thank you!


Chaffin Family said...

I have wondered how to make those myself. If you find out how to make those signatures let me know.

Anonymous said...

check out my reject dresses on my blog!

Greta said...

First off, Mandi Ash is just the person to ask about the cool little signatures to sign off with. She is a blog designer extraordinaire!

Now, to my question. Mine is a bit personal and if it gets in a little too close feel free to ignore and simply delete this comment. Shawn & I attended the Right to Life Banquet the other night and noticed your dad had a special guest sitting next to him. What are your thoughts and feelings about this new development?