Sunday, August 10, 2008

Thanks For Noticing.

On Thursday night after our Emmaus meeting (formation is the correct term) I went back to my seat and Tami Jones-aka thebirthdayfairy-- left me the most delightful tiara and a wand that lights up!

Thanks for noticing I'm a princess. You are one, too, but you already knew that.

Us princesses roll deep with our entourage!


Christy said...

I am glad the princess attire is being put to good use!! =)

Lauren said...

Yeah, I definitely wore it when I was speaking in Missouri on

chaff "4" said...

When you say Emmaus meeting are you talking about the walk? If so we are very active in it also. I take part in at least 2 a year and sometimes more.

chaff "4" said...

Glad to hear about you working in Sept. I am working in Oct.

On a side note my prayer partner Krista is working a walk this weekend and last night she told me that when she looked at your blog she noticed that you had the bring the rain blog as link on your blog. It is one of her favorites and she found it by accident when she was surfing around one day. She has it linked to her blog also. I guess I should check it out.