Saturday, August 9, 2008

I Forgot... mention that I DID in fact guess a PINK Kitchenaid mixer as we were sitting at the Brass Lantern a couple of weeks ago. But ironically, it was one of those "out-there" gifts I kept guessing like lunch with Beth or the Jeep Liberty.

Seth reminded me of that today. He also reminded me that he did NOT lie. He said, "Oh yeah. You guessed it. You're exactly right," in a very sarcastic voice.

but it doesn't matter because I am four for four on guessing gifts from Seth.

So technically, I do win again!!

Also, a shout-out to Donna Rayhill, who I jsut found out is staying up with the blog. Thank you for being awesome :)


Susie said...

Hey Lauren!

I've tried to e-mail you the pizza dough recipe but the g-mail address keeps kicking back to me saying it is undeliverable??? my e-mail is try to e-mail me and I will reply and see if that works!