Sunday, August 10, 2008

A Night at Home (for a change.)

I got back to the house after taking care of some church stuff this afternoon, and Terri dropped off the kids at youth group. After she returned, we took my "Mamma Mia" soundtrack (part of my birthday gift--in memory of my mom, the biggest ABBA fan ever) and got in the car. We headed to La Fiesta, although sometimes I feel like an adulterous wife, cheating on my beautiful Mi Pueblo. But let's face it, their nacho beef and beans are deluxe.

Then when we picked up Eli and Ariel, my favorite Olympic sport of gymnastics was on. Little Bill showed us her acrobatic moves.

Then Terri topped off the evening with her not-so-secret stash of Fun Dip.


Guatmama said...

I saw that Terri commented on your blog earlier - I knew this was her!! Hello, Terri -