Saturday, August 9, 2008

He Set the Bar Reeeeeeaaaallllly High...

brand-spankin' new


KITCHENAID Artisan Mixer!!

You are probably wondering why my boyfriend would buy me an appliance.

I love to bake. I mean, I passionately, completely, and utterly LOVE to cook. And he knows this. He also has heard me talk about those Kitchenaid mixers for a really long time (specifically about how I would probably never ever have one at least for another year or two. And he would watch me covet them as we purchased gifts off of our friends' wedding registries. In fact, he would try to distract me to keep me from noticing them because I wanted one SO badly. Silly thing to want, I know. But I promise to use it to bless people. I also promise to always make you really good pies, honey :)

We talked at length about what color mixer we wanted someday (again, not really expecting him to buy it for me) and at first it was red. Then, for practicality, I decided to compromise and said we could get black.

But he told me today that as he was looking on amazon to buy one, he found out that part of the proceeds for the sales of the pink mixer went to the Susan G. Komen Foundation, he was sold...isn't that sweet? By the way, he is the one who has to look at it every day and he chose pink because it meant so much to me!

Photos to come of said righteous birthday gift.

By the way, Greta wins the birthday surprise game with her scenario of a Sonic in Oakland City in my honor. Christy and Africa get honorable mention, as does Carol. Thanks for playing :)

So what would "Lauren's Drink" be at Sonic? Don't guess the FICB, I need my own special concoction. (And for those of you who were at VBS, it better not involve "Orangette" and pop rocks with mint leaves--Try to imagine what that would be called. Wait, on second thought, don't. This blog is family friendly.
(don't say Fried Ice Cream Blast, either. I need one of my own.)

Maybe I can use the mixer to make this ice cream drink....


Susie said...

Oh Lauren! I so share in your excitement! I have a RED kitchenaid mixer that I finally got last year as a Christmas gift from my DH!! You are going to LOVE IT! Bobbi has one too and we are thinking of getting ours engraved!! ha ha! I'm very impressed with the gift!!! Happy Belated Birthday!! What's the first thing your going to make??? I made Pizza dough with the awesome dough hook!!