Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Guest Blog:My BFF Jami.

"I don't care what anyone says. These headbands are magical."

Lauren wants me to write a guest blog. So I will. I'll give you one of my earliest and fondest memories with her. Travel with me back to August 2004.

Lauren and I didn't start out as roommates. Originally she was across the hall from Mandy and me. BUT she'd come visit us all the time, and one particular time she got tickled. There's a certain level of laughter that exists at which Lauren will absolutely lose control and you better look out cause you don't know what's going to happen next. That night she hit the level. It's the night she claims she had an "aneurysm."

As she sat chewing gum and drinking water, something happened and we all started laughing. Five minutes passed and everyone was done laughing... except Lauren. We all wondered if she was going to black out. Soon she started choking on her gum/water and fought for breath for a few seconds until it all exploded out onto Old Blue, the carpet. The gum projectiled about two feet away and the water was everywhere. And the best part was we all sat buckled over laughing hysterically the whole time.

Lauren is always sure to put some jab about her friends in the story. Something like "nice to know I have friends who care" or something like that. Oddly, this was one of those defining moments...the beginning of a whole slew of good times. Love ya, Laur!

Thought to end on: I've just been informed that Hot 96 is looking for people to do a reality show. Our wildest dreams could finally come true.
The night that will live in infamy: CR '07 Dance Party USA.


chaff "4" said...

lauren so glad to see the crazy pictures with your friend. The laughs that you experience with her are a blessing and not caring what anyone thinks when you two are having fun just goes to show how close you are. God has given me a few girl friends like that and my stomach hurts from laughing when I am with them. I am thinking about each of them now and being blessed as I type. I posted a stupid picture of tin foil swim suits on my blog and really don't care what people think because I was having crazy fun with two of my beautiful friends. I hope your friend starts her own blog. have a great weekend. Your sister in Christ. Kim

Lauren said...

Kim, I will check out those aluminum foils suits for sure...never know what they might come in handy for!