Thursday, April 3, 2008

Thursdays are my Favorite!

As you know, Thursdays are pretty important to me. Normally on Thursday nights, Seth doesn't have any meetings (hope the Missions committee didn't mind that I borrowed him tonight-but we hadn't been on an actual date since Valentine's Day). We got to go out tonight!! By ourselves!! Yay!

okay, if you want to avoid a bunch of cheese, now's the time to disappear before I serve a block of velveeta on a platter fo' yas....

I have a pretty precious boyfriend. A boyfriend who doesn't mind spending thirty minutes in the party store as I decide if the pink plates match the pink napkins. And then goes to get the white ones when I am at the checkout and change my mind--never complaining at my ridiculousness... The first boy I was not nervous to sing in front of (true story...).

(It's so nice to have impromptu jam sessions on the couch with the tv off, singing to Jesus...)

The boyfriend who doesn't mind walking around for an hour finding the perfect shower gift and even helps me pick it out. In fact, I had my rather ADD eyes on this really cute dress and he told me to go try it on (i didn't, too tempting)...

"you should get a new dress. You want one."


My sweet friend Marny asked me a few weeks ago if it was weird to be attracted to my pastor.


It's actually really cool because I have such respect for him.
and I know that he'd go to the back of the store and get the white napkins not just for me, but for everyone sitting in the pew with me.

he says he might even build me a swing for his backyard...Honey, whaddya think (since I put it on my

He's a servant for sure.

I give thanks for him.


Anna Osmon said...

Thats so cute. :)
Love you Laur-

lena said...


i should tell you that i am really sick right now but there was a massive smile plastered on my face reading through this post.

so so so precious!

beverlyj said...

That was a big plate of cheese....I love cheese. You guys are so cute. I want to be just like you when I grow up Lauren!

BeckyB. said...

adorable :)

love you both.

Jonathan Merritt said...


Thanks for the encouragement about my CS piece. You are an insightful writer yourself.