Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Dang. Time Flies When You're Having Fun.

I graduate from college one month from tomorrow.

Whew. Scary.

Where the heck did these four years go?

I'll tell ya. I spent my last four years laughing, crying, building the most solid relationships of my life, and learning to love Jesus more. I feel like my time at OCU has shaped my faith journey in so many ways.

(is there an age limit on nostalgia? hope not.)

God has used this faith community to change my life and make me fall more in love with Him. Right now it's bittersweet to imagine packing up my stuff and walking out of dorm life forever. But hopefully on to something different...something new...something beautiful.

I praise God for this place and all that I've learned here.


beverlyj said...

Wow! Only one month? That will go by so fast. It's kind of scarey and exciting at the same time isn't it? I know I was kind of freaked when I graduated from beauty college and had to go get a job that was to be my career. Am I gonna like it? Will I be any good? Guess it worked out :) I just know that you will be awsome at whatever you decide to do. No one will ever be able to take that education away from you. Isn't that amazing? It's yours, now go out and use it girlfriend!

Lauren said...

You are such a encouragement Bev. Perhaps you can help me pick up the pieces after I pee my pants because I'm so scayuhrd to go out into the big bad world...


beverlyj said...

It's really not so bad. Life can be fun if ya let it :) (in my best Jamacan voice)..."Don't worry be happy, Don't worry be happy now". There no more getting scared about the big bad world of grownup-dom because you will be too busy trying to get "Don't worry be happy" out of your brain.
You're welcome.

Anna Osmon said...

if it makes you feel any better. I'll probably pee my pants too when that time comes :)

love you Laur

Carol said...

Heck, girls, if you wanna know the truth, I'm a little freaked out about PRESCHOOL graduation coming up! My baby....

Anna Osmon said...

awe Carol! :)