Monday, April 7, 2008

No Water.

There is currently a low water-pressure situation in Cox Hall.

So that means a high-pressure situation with approximately 70 college girls who enjoy taking showers on a daily basis.

It's days like today when I have to remind myself why I took this job. offer the Living Water.

Now that may seem corny. But it's true. In fact, I took on this role to share the Gospel with young women and to see it transform their lives. So although I have no water to offer them except out of my Brita pitcher, I do have SOMETHING to offer them.

And he can make them Clean.

(ooh, that reminds me, check out Shane and Shane's CD by the same name. You will totally rejoice that you itunesed--I'm making this a verb because I want to, dang it.-- it and will groove to their sweet harmony...)

So we have no water. But friends, I got something wayyyy better.

Thirsty? Check out John 4.

dare ya.

Water back on this morning. I took a nice shower! {"...That Girl" does happy little dance..}