Friday, April 11, 2008

Check this out...

Yes, that's my sweet Ellison. As her mommy was doing the wash, Ellie climbed right up in the dryer all by herself.

That little corker!!

I am down here caring for my nieces and having a blast in the Lone Star State. My girls are as cute as ever, and this morning, Hannah woke me up (not the usual way, when she pulls on my eyelids) with:

"Aunt Waur, I missed-ed yooooooou."

Followed at breakfast with:

"Wheas Sef? I missed-ed him too."

music to my ears.

in other news, I feel like an accomplished soccer mom (with van, of course) today as I got everyone to their intended destination this morning with time to spare. Ellie is sleeping and we are showing the house at 10:45, so Ellie and I are going to look at shoes.

love you all back home!!


beverlyj said...

Have a good time with the babies!

Michal said...

Aww they are so sweet! :) Did you find shoes?!?! THAT is music to MY ears! :)

lena said...

aw, you're in my state!