Friday, April 11, 2008

Small hearts.

"The soul is healed by being with children."
[Fyodor Dostoyevsky.]

Lauren (stern voice): "Hannah, why is Ellie crying? Did you do something to her?"
Hannah: "No. She went off da couch and hit herwa head."
Lauren: "How did she go off the couch? Did you 'help' her?"
Hannah: "No. She dust went down deah..." (does impression with her hand of ellie hitting coffee table)
Lauren: "Hannah, what is a lie?"
loooong pause-Hannah looks up and smiles great big.

Hannah: "It's when you push yourwa baby sistah off da couch."
Lauren: "That's it, Hann. You just earned yourself three minutes in time out."
Hannah: "Fwee minutes isn't vewy wong, Aunt Wah!"

I love these children. Even when I have to discipline, it's still hilarity around "heah."
more to come, I'm so sure.


Christy said...

That is great!! Put a smile on my face this morning!!

BeckyB. said...
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BeckyB. said...

what's a lie?

it's when you push yourwa baby sistah of da couch...


Tiffers said...

This made my day. Really