Tuesday, March 18, 2008

That Girl...

rarely gets it right.

my friend Joe (click on today's blog title to check out his stuff...) wrote a song once, and this was the hook for it:
"If you want to know how much I think of my mistakes/
When it's quiet and when I am awake."

Silly me. When will I learn how to deal with everything gently and with grace, instead of dealing with it like a trucker that drives into the local Mikasa?
(or, as my mama used to say, "Laur, you are like a bull in a china shop." sad but true.)

"when it's quiet," and I survey the damage, I wonder if my trip to Mikasa was really worth it or not.

to all of my dear, Good Blog Readers: please, please, please be patient. "That girl..." is a work in progress. I need that "Caution" tape around me wherever I go to let people know that I am dangerous and wreak havoc on a lot of beautiful things.

Bebo says it best:

"every single heart that I have held/in my hands/in my clumsy hands/I fumbled them around until they fell/It's much safer ground/just keeping to myself/but I will wait for tomorrow..."

but community is funny like that in that hopefully, they see through the messes I make to someone who desires to be fully alive and has the capacity to love with abandon.

and they ignore the caution tape.

psalm 51:6.


Carol said...

Love ya, love ya, love ya! :)

beverlyj said...

If you didn't make some mistakes it would make people hate you...lol. You are so nice and have a way of putting people at ease around you. If you don't flub up every once in a while people would begin to wonder if it was all make believe. So three cheers for being human and so thankfully not perfect! Love ya!

Lauren said...

thanks girls. you are too kind...

Anna Osmon said...

Life isn't about being perfect :) Its about loving and accepting people for their imperfections! We ALL have them. And I'm probably just as bad as you! I love you Laur!

Christy said...

Lauren, you have to read my blog for today as well. I always write mine before I go read others and I just published mine and came to yours and.... how fitting. Thanks! You are an amazing person, who like us all has faults. That is why God's Grace is SO wonderful. Love Ya Babe!!